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Curriculum in Family Finance, Housing, and Policy

Administered by the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. Leading to the degree bachelor of science.

The family finance, housing, and policy curriculum prepares students for professional work related to financial and housing resource management and policy analysis. The program focuses on financial resource management, housing services and administration, and family policy issues pertinent to children, adults, and families. Graduates of the program are prepared for employment within the public and private sector as financial counselors and planners, insurance agents, loan officers, mortgage originators, government housing authority administrators, housing advocates, housing planners, real-estate agents, non-profit agency administrators, policy analysts and lobbyists, property managers, and consumer credit and financial aid counselors. Family finance, housing, and policy majors also are prepared to enter graduate programs in family policy and family financial planning.

Learning outcomes are identified for graduates with a degree in family finance, housing, and policy. Students are able to: demonstrate competency in consumer science and their chosen field of emphasis; demonstrate proficiency in interpersonal communication and in working with diverse groups to solve multidisciplinary problems; effectively prepare and deliver information to family finance, housing, and policy professionals as well as to the general public; critically evaluate information and accurately interpret and use research; understand the complexity of issues facing professionals in the field, including ethical, cultural and environmental elements.

A minor in family finance, housing and policy is available; the requirements appear under Human Development and Family Studies, Courses and Programs.

Degree Requirements
121.5 total semester credits required
12.5 Communications and Library
  Engl 150, 250, Sp Cm 212, Lib 160
  Select from Engl 302, 309, 314
10 Natural Sciences and Mathematical Disciplines*
4 Stat 101
3 Select from Computer Science
3 Select from Math, Stat, or natural sciences
9 Social Sciences Econ 101, Soc 134, Select from Anthr, Econ, Pol S, Psych, or Soc
9 Humanities
  Select from approved College of Human Sciences list
2 HD FS Orientation
  HD FS 110
20 Human Development and Family Studies Core: HD FS 102, 269, 449, 491, Select 3 credits
HD FS from outside of major
20 Family Finance, Housing, and Policy Core: HD FS 239, 270, 283, 341, 395, 489, 489L, 416

Family Finance, Housing, and Policy Emphasis: Select from Acct 284, HD FS 360, 380, 378, 463, 483, 488

24 Electives
Courses from Accounting, Architecture, Art, and Design, Community and Regional Planning, Economics, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Finance, Gerontology, Interior Design, Journalism, Management, Marketing, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology are suggested.