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Curriculum in Materials Engineering

Administered by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Leading to the degree bachelor of science.

Total credits required: 127.5 cr. See also Basic Program and Special Programs.

International Perspectives: 3 cr.*
U.S. Diversity: 3 cr.*

Communication Proficiency/Library requirement:
Engl 150 and Engl 250 with minimum grade of C; Lib 160. (See Basic Program for credit requirements.) Complete one course from Engl 302, 309, 314 or JL MC 347 with a minimum grade of C.

General Education Electives: 15 cr.
Complete 12 cr. from approved list with a minimum of 6 cr. but no more than 9 cr. from one designator, and a maximum of 9 cr. of 100-level courses.** Complete one course from Engl 302, 309, 314 or JL MC 347.****

Basic Program: 26.5 cr.****
Complete with 2.00 GPA including transfer courses: Chem 167 or Chem 177, 4 cr.; Engl 150, 3 cr. and Engl 250, 3 cr. (see above for grade requirements); Engr 101, R cr.; Engr 160, 3 cr.***; Lib 160, 0.5 cr.; Math 165, 4 cr. and Math 166, 4 cr.; and Phys 221, 5 cr. (See Basic Program rule.)

Math and Physical Science 18 cr.
Complete Chem 177L, 1 cr.; Chem 178, 3 cr. and Chem 178L, 1 cr.; Math 265, 4 cr.; Math 267, 4 cr.; and Phys 222, 5 cr.

Materials Engineering Core: 32 cr.****
Mat E 201, R cr.; Mat E 214, 3 cr.; Mat E 215, 3 cr.; Mat E 215L, 1 cr.; Mat E 216, 4 cr.; Mat E 311, 3 cr.; Mat E 314, 3 cr.; Mat E 316, 3 cr.; Mat E 317, 3 cr.; Mat E 413, 3 cr., Mat E 414, 3 cr., Mat E 418, 3 cr.

Other Courses: 12 cr.
Engr 170, 3 cr.; E M 274, 3 cr.; E M 324, 3 cr.; Complete 3 cr. from non-remedial courses.


Co-op and internships are optional.

Option Requirements: 18 cr.

Students must choose two from the four areas of specialization: ceramic, electronic, metallic and polymeric materials. In lieu of the second specialty from the four listed, a student may propose an individually designed, materials related technical specialty to meet specific career goals. Students must have a 3.00 gpa and a B+ in Mat E 215. Students may learn other requirements and procedures for applying in the Undergraduate Handbook or by speaking with their adviser. The options below meet that expectation by using the following specialization courses:

Ceramic Materials: 321, 322, 425
Electronic Materials: 334, 332, 433
Metallic Materials: 342, 443, 444
Polymeric Materials: 351, 453, 454
Technical Electives: 6 cr.
Complete 6 cr. technical electives from approved departments.**

* These university requirements will add to the minimum credits of the program unless the university-approved courses are also approved by the department to meet other course
requirements within the degree program.
U.S. diversity and international perspectives courses may not be taken Pass/Not Pass.
** Choose from department approved list.
*** See Basic Program for Professional Engineering Curricula for accepted substitutions for curriculum designated courses in the Basic Program.
****2.00 required including transfer courses.
Note: A Mat E student may take up to 9 credit hours from General Education and free electives on a P/NP basis, except for courses used to meet the diversity and international perspectives requirement. S/F courses (different from P/NP) will be considered for these requirements on a course-by-course basis.