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Curriculum in Graphic Design

Administered by the Department of Art and Design and leading to a 123.5 credit undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design including a 29.5 credit pre-professional program (the college core).

Consideration for admission into the graphic design is based on department resources; GPA earned in the College Core courses and the freshman year; as well as porfolio, all of which are submitted at the end of the freshman year.

On admission to the program, the faculty strongly recommend the purchase of a laptop computer and software. Specifications for the laptop computer and software are available at under the Students link.

Transfer students with studio credits from other programs, colleges, and universities must present for departmental review a portfolio of work done in those courses in order to have the credits apply toward studio requirements. Students are required to present this portfolio upon admission and prior to registration for classes. Arrangements for this process must be made with department advisers.


Cr. Degree Requirements
39.5 General education
6 Biological and physical sciences and mathematics
  Select from Astro, Biol, Bot, Chem, Com S, Geol, Gen, Math, Mteor, Stat, Phys.
9.5 Communications
6 Engl 150 and 250
3 Select from CmDis 286, ComSt 101, 102, Sp Cm 212
0.5 Lib 160
6 Humanities
  Select from all courses in Af Am, Am In, Cl St, Dance, Engl, WLC, Hist, Music, Phil, Relig, T C, Thtre. Select from W S 336, 340, 345, 422
6 Social sciences
  Select from all courses in Anthr, Econ, Pol S, Psych, Soc, Am In, Env S, HD FS, Jl MC. (all courses except 315, 342,342L, 343L). Select from W S 201, 302, 321, 323, 327, 346, 350, 385, 386, 401.
12 Selected from the above areas and/or from Advrt (all courses except 436) CmDis, Fin, Mgmt, Mkt, Sp Cm. Six credits must be at the 300 level or above.
11 Design Core
  (4 cr); Dsn S 131 (4 cr); Dsn S 183 (3 cr)
21 General Design Education
6 History of Art I, II, Art H 280, 281
3 Drawing, Art 230
6 Select a history course from ArtGr 388, Arch, Art H, Dsn S, or L A.
6 Studio Options: Select from ArtIS, ArtID, LA, Arch or other approved studio course.
46 Graphic design
3 Design Through Photography ArtIS 229 or ArtIS 227
  Graphic Design Studio I and IIArtGr 270, 271
4 Graphic Technology I and IIArtGr 275, 276
1 Theories and Principles of Graphic DesignArtGr 291
1 Graphic Design Internship SeminarArtGr 377
6 Graphic Design Studio III and IVArtGr 370, 371
3 Graphic Design History/Theory/Criticism I, ArtGr 387
2 Graphic Design Materials and ProcessesArtGr 372
3 Graphic Design Studio VArtGr 470
3 Graphic Design Professional PresentationArtGr 482
3 Graphic Design Professional PracticesArtGr 481
8 Select four 2-credit options from approved program list.
  One option will be taken with ArtGr 370, 371, 470, 482
3 Select from: Art and Design in EuropeArt 495G
  Graphic Design InternshipArtGr 480
6 Electives
123.5 Total credits