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Curriculum in Community and Regional Planning

The Department of Community and Regional Planning administers the 129 credit undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Science. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to enter the profession of planning ready to work in a variety of professional settings. Students have the opportunity to work with their faculty advisers to define their own areas of interest, which may include a minor.

Consideration for admission into the Community and Regional Planning professional program takes place either through review of the performance in the College of Designs first year CORE design program, or through transfer from another curricula or accredited institution. If applying through the CORE program, admission is based upon a students cumulative GPA for all courses earned during the first year, portfolio work submitted upon completion of the CORE courses, and an essay submission. In either case, predictors of success in the program include the quality of prior work and interest in the field. Community and Regional Planning emphasizes responsibility and citizenship, writing and analytical ability, and critical thinking. Students entering the CRP professional program from outsidethe College of Design should provide a similar portfolioof their work for evaluation.


Cr. Degree Requirements
12.5 Communications
  Engl 150, 250, 309 or 314; Lib 160; Sp Cm 212
9 Humanities
7 Mathematics
  Stat 101; Math
6 Natural sciences
18 Social sciences
  Econ 101 or 102; Pol S 215; Soc 134; options
11.5 Design core
  Dsn S 102; Dsn S 115; Dsn S 131; Dsn S 183
28 Community and Regional Planning Core
  C R P 253, 272, 274, 332, 383, 391, 432, 492, 494, 498
12 Core Planning Electives choose 4 from:
  416 Urban Design and Practice
  417 Urban Revitalization
  425 Growth Management
  429 International Planning
  435 Planning in Small Town
  442 Site Development
  445 Transportation Policy Planning
  451 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  455 Community Economic Development
  481 Regional and State Planning
  484 Sustainable Communities
  491 Environmental Law and Planning
  C E 350 Introduction to Transportation Planning
11 Other Planning and Planning Related Courses
14 General Electives
129 Total credits