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Curriculum in Global Resource Systems

Administered by a supervisory committee in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Students choose a region of the world, either industrialized or developing, to develop an expertise; they choose a language to learn and develop proficiency through the intermediate level; they choose and possess an area of technical expertise by completing a minor or certificate program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; they complete a required internship in an international setting; and they select and complete a senior research project with faculty mentoring.

Cr. Degree Requirements
12.5 Interpersonal and Public Communications Skills
3 Critical Thinking and Communication Engl 150
3 Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition Engl 250
0.5 Library Instruction Lib 160
3 Report and Proposal Writing Engl 309 or
3 Business Communication Engl 302 or
3 Technical Communication Engl 314
3 Fundamentals of Public Speaking Sp Cm 212 or
3 Presentation and Sales Strategies for Agricultural Audiences AgEds 311
6-8 credits
Cr. Mathematical Sciences
3-4 Mathematics (Math 140 or higher course number)
3-4 Statistics 101 or 104
15 credits
Cr. Humanities, Ethics, and Social Science
3 Humanities (from approved list)*
3 Social Sciences Econ 101 or 102
3 International Perspectives from approved list*
3 U.S. Diversity from approved list
3 Ethics (from approved list
* Requirement embedded within other curriculum requirements
27-35 credits (depending upon language study)
Cr. Global Competency
12-20 Students will emphasize a region of the globe. World Language proficiency through intermediate levels. Complete 100 and 200 levels of a single college-level world language.
15 Coursework in culture, history, politics and economics in which students emphasize a global region outside the United States, up to 3 credits may be earned through travel courses. Courses in the WLC Language and Cultures for Professions are also eligible.
15 - 18 credits
Cr. Physical and Life Sciences
5 General Chemistry Chem 163, 163L; or 177, 177L
4 Principles of Biology Biol 211, 211L
3 300-level or higher life sciences course
One of the following is required, two are recommended:
3 Environmental Geology Geol 101
3 Fundamentals of Soil Science Agron 154 or
3 Soils for Horticulture Scientists Agron 155
3 Introduction to Meteorology Agron 206
3 World Climates Agron 406
22 credits
Cr. Global Resource Systems
1 OrientationGlobe 110
3 Global Resource Systems Globe 201
3 Issues in Global Resource Systems (1 Cr.) Globe 211
3 Resource Systems of Industrialized NationsGlobe 301
3 Resource Systems of Developing Nations Globe 302
3 - 12 Internship Global or United States Globe 321 or 322
3 Senior Research Globe 401
3 Responses to Global Resource System Challenges Globe 402
15 -18 credits
Cr. Technical Concentration
  15 -18 credits: Satisfied by any of the 23 minors or a certificate offered in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
14 - 16 credits: Free Electives
128.5 Total Credits