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Curriculum in Agricultural Business

Administered by the Department of Economics. Students majoring in Agricultural Business often choose elective coursework leading to minors in the College of Business or in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, or emphasizing specific areas within agricultural business such as finance, management, commodity analysis, research, agricultural sales and marketing, environmental economics, farm and ranch operations, international economics, agricultural extension, or government service.

Cr. Degree Requirements
12.5 Interpersonal and public communication skills
Lib 160, Engl 150, 250, Engl 302 or Engl 309 or Engl 314, Sp Cm 212 or AgEdS 311
13 Mathematics
Math 160, Econ 207, or Math 165, Econ 207, or Math 165, 166 Stat 226, 326
4-5 Physical Sciences
Chem 163-163L or Phys 111
6 Life and Environmental Sciences
Biol 101 or 211 NREM 120 or Biol 173 or other credits that meet the environmental intensive requirement
15 Social science, humanities, and ethics
Courses in individual areas below may overlap but the total credits taken must equal 12 or more
International Perspectives
U.S. diversity
Humanities (if the student has taken a humanities course among the ethics,
international perspectives, or U.S. diversity requirements, the humanities requirement may be fulfilled by taking a course in a social science other than economics)
12 Business
Acct 284, 285, Fin 301, One of the following: Mgmt 310, 370, Mkt 340, MIS 330, OSCM 320, or LSCM 360
6 Electives in agricultural, food, or natural resources sciences
26.5 Economics
Econ 101, 101L, 110, 235, 301,302 or 353, Twelve credits in economics courses selected from an approved departmental list.
32-33 Free electives
128 Total credits
Typical Program for the First Year
Cr. Fall
4 Microeconomics—Econ 101, 101L
0.5 Orientation in Agricultural Business—Econ 110
4 Mathematics I-Math 160 or 165
3 Elective in agricultural, food, or
3 Critical Thinking and
0.5 Library Instruction — Lib 160
Cr. Spring
3 Intro. to Agricultural Markets—Econ 235
3-4 Mathematics II—Econ 207 or Math 166
3 Macroeconomics—Econ 102
3 Environmental Biology—Biol 173
3 Agricultural, Food, or Natural Resources Science Course