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Graduate Courses |600 |


(Interdepartmental Graduate Program)

Co-Chairs: D. Sakaguchi, R. Martin

Supervisory Committee: V. Bracha, S. Jeftinija, A. G. Kanthasamy, R. Martin, D. Sakaguchi?Participating Faculty: V. Anantharam, L. Anderson, J. Bloedel, V. Bracha, E Cooper, J. Cunnick, T. Day, N. M. Ellinwood, H. Greenlee, V. Honavar, W. Hsu, S. Jeftinija, A.G. Kanthasamy, A. Kanthasamy, M. Kimber, V.S. Lin, S. Mallapragada, R. J. Martin, M. Nilsen-Hamilton, J. Ourednik, V. Ourednik, A. Robertson, R. Robson, D. Sakaguchi, R. Singh, A. Smiley-Oyen, C. Tuggle, E. Uemura

Graduate Study

Work is offered for the master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees with a major in neuroscience. Cooperating departments include Animal Science; Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology; Biomedical Sciences; Chemical and Biological Engineering; Chemistry; Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology; Genetics, Development and Cell Biology; Kinesiology; and Psychology.

Facilities and faculty are committed to research in the following areas: neuronal membrane functions, signal transduction, neuroanatomy, neurodegenerative diseases, neuroendocrinology, neurotoxicology, neuropathology, developmental neurobiology, neurogenetics, computational neuroscience, neural networks, and behavioral neuroscience.

An undergraduate or advanced degree in the sciences is ordinarily a prerequisite for admission to the program. A student majoring in neuroscience will select a major professor from the faculty participating in the program.

All students take a core curriculum consisting of Neuro 556, 557, 661, 690, 696, BBMB 404, and Stat 401. All students are also expected to take elective neuroscience courses from the following: B M S 537, 575; Com S 474; E E 545; Psych 517, 519; and Tox 501.

Courses for graduate students

Neuro 661. Current Topics in Neurobiology. (Cross-listed with GDCB, BBMB). Cr. 2-3. Repeatable.Prereq: Permission of instructor. Topics may include communication, hormones and behavior, neural integration, membrane biophysics, molecular and cellular neuroscience, developmental neurobiology, neuroanatomy and ultrastructure, sensory biology, social behavior, techniques in neurobiology and behavior.

Neuro 690. Journal Club in Neuroscience. (1-0) Cr. 1. Repeatable. F.S.Prereq: 556. Students are required to attend and make at least one presentation at a weekly journal club focusing on current topics.

Neuro 696. Neuroscience Seminar. (1-0) Cr. 1. Repeatable. F.S.Prereq: 556. Presentations and discussion of research by students, faculty, and visiting scholars.

Neuro 699. Research. Cr. arr. Repeatable.