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International Agriculture

(Interdepartmental Undergraduate Program)

Supervisory Committee: Robert A. Martin, Chair; Michael D. Kenealy, Ebby Luvaga

The international agriculture program provides opportunities to develop knowledge and skills related to the factors that interact to impact agricultural and environmental issues, production, processes, distribution and utilization worldwide. The program puts emphasis on international experience through structured internships and study abroad. The international agriculture program is appropriate for students seeking positions that require knowledge and experience related to global agricultural issues and their impact on local, regional, national and international policies and practices. Students preparing for careers in the following areas will benefit from the international agriculture program; governmental and non-governmental development agencies, agribusinesses, educational institutions, and non-profit assistance agencies. Outcomes from participation in this program include developing an awareness for the role of international agriculture in the career development process, analyzing international agricultural issues and policies, acquiring skills for solving problems in international development and agribusiness and experiencing real situations and gaining perspectives about agriculture in a global setting.

Secondary Major

International agriculture is an undergraduate secondary major that may be taken only in conjunction with a primary major in an agriculture and life sciences curriculum. Students choosing international agriculture will strengthen their career placement with a business or agency involved in international activities. Technical knowledge of a primary major discipline will be strengthened by a global awareness of agriculture and life sciences. A secondary major in international agriculture will give students practical insight into the role of agriculture in a world of increasing food and fiber needs. It is ideal for those who wish to broaden their international perspective or prepare for international work in agriculture. The secondary major includes an emphasis on international internship or study abroad and/or foreign languages, and selection of appropriate courses (from an approved list) to meet the needs and interests of the student.

Courses for the secondary major include Agron 342; six credits of study abroad, travel, or language courses or any combination thereof; and six credits in selected international agriculture courses in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Fifteen credits of the secondary major cannot be used to meet requirements of the major or any other college or university requirement.

See International Agriculture, Curriculum, for the specific program. Students interested in earning a secondary major in international agriculture must contact a program adviser. The early indication of an interest in international agriculture allows for effective integration of the secondary major course requirements with those of the primary major.


A minor in international agriculture is available to interested students regardless of their major. Students selecting the minor should have at least minimal familiarity with agriculture and life sciences and agricultural systems.

Courses for the minor include Agron 342; 3 to 6 credits of study abroad and/or foreign language and 3 to 6 credits in selected international agriculture courses in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Nine credits of the 15 credit total for the minor can not be used for meeting requirements for the major.

For more information about a secondary major or minor in international agriculture, see descriptions in the designated departments or the supervisory committee.

For more information about courses for either a secondary major or a minor in international agriculture, see descriptions in the designated departments.