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Graduate Studies

Graduate Courses |600 |

No major is granted in Graduate Studies. At the recommendation of the major professor and/or the department chair, graduate students may enroll in the following graduate courses to fulfill certain enrollment requirements.

Courses for graduate students

Gr St 600. Examination Only. Cr. R.Reserved for graduate students the term they take the final oral examination. Students must have completed all required coursework and not be registered for another course.

Gr St 601. Required Enrollment. Cr. R.Reserved for graduate students who must be registered for a particular term, but are not required to take additional coursework.

Gr St 680. Doctoral Post Prelim (Continuous) Registration. Cr. R. Repeatable.Reserved for Ph.D. candidates only. See the Graduate College Handbook for specific requirements.

Gr St 697. Curricular Practical Training. Cr. R. Repeatable. F.S.SS.Professional work period.