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Athletics (Ath)

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Courses primarily for undergraduate students

Ath 101. Intercollegiate Athletics. Cr. 1. Repeatable. F.S.Prereq: Permission of head coach. Limited to 1 credit per year to a maximum of 4. Credit for a sport section of Ath 101 may not be applied toward graduation if credit is also received for KIN 166 or any skill technique course in the same sport. Satisfactory-fail only.
B. Basketball (men)
C. Basketball (women)
D. Cross Country (men)
E. Cross Country (women)
F. Football (men)
G. Golf (men)
J. Gymnastics (women)
K. Softball (women)
M. Swimming/Diving (women)
O. Tennis (women)
P. Track and Field (men)
Q. Track and Field (women)
R. Volleyball (women)
S. Wrestling (men)
T. Golf (women)
U. Soccer (women)