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The Graduate College


Graduate students are encouraged to register for courses on the ISU web site ( via AccessPlus. Students who are unable or who choose not to register through this system may use a walk-through registration procedure. Students who do not register by the published deadline for initiation of a schedule through the AccessPlus systems must use the walk-through procedure. For complete information on registration, see the ISU Schedule of Classes or the Registration Web site at

Credit Limits

Registration is limited to a maximum of 15 credits per semester. Schedules for graduate assistants on one-half time appointments are limited to a maximum of 12 credits. For full-time staff members, the limit is 6 credits. (Different credit limits apply during the summer session; see the Graduate College Handbook at for more details.)

Interim Registration

Registration for special work between semesters and during certain vacation periods cannot exceed one credit for each week that the student is in residence. For more information, consult the Graduate College Handbook.

“In Absentia” Registration

Students completing research or thesis preparation may register in absentia; these credits do not apply toward residency campus requirements.

Off-campus Course Registration

Students who take off-campus courses taught by members of the graduate faculty must register for off-campus credit. Instructions for registering for off-campus credits courses are available from the ISU Extended and Continuing Education Office (July 2008: now ISU Distance Education).

Doctoral Post Prelim (formerly Continuous Registration)

Even when Ph.D. graduate students have completed course work and residency requirements, they are required to register and pay tuition and fees, whether or not university facilities and equipment are used or staff is consulted—either in person or in absentia.

After the preliminary oral examination is passed (with either full or conditional pass) and if university facilities, equipment, and staff time are used, the Ph.D. candidate must register for the appropriate number of credits in the major department or program and pay the appropriate graduate tuition and fees.

After the preliminary oral examination is passed (with either full or conditional pass) and if university facilities, equipment, and staff time are not used, the Ph.D. candidate may register for Gr St 680 (Doctoral Post Prelim Registration) and pay the Doctoral Post Prelim Registration fee.

The Ph.D. candidate must be aware that registration for Gr St 680 is allowed only after the Ph.D. candidate passes the preliminary oral examination; is required only in the fall and spring semesters, and not during the summer term; is not allowed after the completion of the final oral examination; and is not sufficient registration for the term the preliminary or final oral examination is taken; and does not defer student loans.

If students take the final examination during the interim between terms (including the first day of classes), registration can be for the term either before or after the examination is held.


Audit registration means taking courses without receiving formal credit. Audit provisions are as follows: Instructors must approve ALL audits; students must register for audits by day 10 of the semester; changes to or from an audit must be made in the first 10 days of the semester; students are assessed tuition and fees as though they were taking the course for credit; and the course DOES NOT count in determining full-time student status.

Audited courses do not appear on the student’s permanent record unless the “Request for Audit(s) to Appear on Transcript” form is completed and signed by the student, course instructor, and major professor. Copies of this form, which are available from the Graduate College or from the Graduate College’s web site at, must be filed with the Graduate College, 1137 Pearson Hall.

After the fifth class day, if a student changes a regular course to an audit, that course will appear on the student’s permanent record as a drop. Audits are not acceptable as registration for loan deferments.

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