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The Graduate College

Master’s Double Degree Programs

A double degree requires fulfillment of the requirements for two graduate majors for which two differently named master’s degrees and two diplomas are granted at the same time. For double degrees the final project (thesis or creative component) must integrate subject areas from both departments. One final oral examination must be held covering the combined thesis or creative component. Students planning to pursue double degrees must complete a double degree request form and submit it to the Dean of Graduate College for approval. Just one “Recommendation for Committee Appointment” form and one “Program of Study (POS)” form need to be submitted for the two degrees. However, two “Application for Graduation” forms, one for each degree, will need to be submitted. All forms should show clearly that the student is enrolled in a double-degree program.

Like other master’s programs, three graduate faculty members can constitute a POS committee; however, POS committees for double degrees must include co-major professors from each of the majors. Although specific degree programs may require more, the program of study must include at least 44 hours of non-overlapping credit (22 for each major) in the two degrees.

Several such combinations are currently available: (1) Master of Architecture/Master of Business Administration; (2) Master of Architecture/ Master of Community and Regional Planning; (3) Master of Community and Regional Planning/Master of Business Administration; (4) Master of Landscape Architecture/Master of Community and Regional Planning; (5) Master of Public Administration/Master of Community and Regional Planning; (6) Master of Public Administration/Master of Science in Information Assurance; (7) Master of Science in Statistics/Master of Business Administration; and (8) Master of Science in Information Systems/Master of Business Administration.

If a student outside one of the named areas is interested in an individually-developed double degree program, a written proposal for a double degree to serve those interests and needs must be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate College for review. Please see the Graduate College Handbook for more information.

Drake University Law School/Iowa State University Combined Degree

To provide training in the complementary fields of law, political science, and economics with a minimum amount of academic duplication, special arrangements for combined degree programs have been approved with the Drake University Law School. ISU and Drake offer a combined J.D.-M.A. in political science and J.D.-Ph.D. in economics. Drake Law School students are permitted to transfer the equivalent of nine semester credits of specified law courses to ISU for nonmajor graduate credit.

Because of the difference in grading systems, the Law School grades are transferred as passes, provided the student has achieved a grade of C or better in those courses at Drake for the political science program or a grade of B or better for the economics program.

Applicants for either of the combined programs must meet the regular entrance requirements of, and be admitted to, both the Drake Law School and the ISU Graduate College.

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