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The Graduate College

Undergraduate Admission to Concurrent Graduate Degree Programs

Several programs provide opportunities for well qualified ISU juniors and seniors majoring in those curricula to apply for admission to both a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

The graduate degree will be awarded only at the same time as, or after, the undergraduate degree is conferred. For a complete listing of the concurrent degree programs, consult the table, “Concurrent Bachelor and Master Programs” in this section.

Students interested in a research career may apply for graduate research assistantships during their last two years of study. Students should contact the programs listed below about applying early in their undergraduate careers. Undergraduate students seeking admission to concurrent graduate degree programs in field other than these, plus any student with an interdepartmental major, must submit a written proposal for an individualized program, co-signed by their advisers, to the Graduate College for review and approval. For more information about the application process and transferring credits, consult the Graduate College Handbook.

Veterinary Medicine Students in Concurrent Graduate Degree Programs

Students may be concurrently enrolled in the professional curriculum leading to the D.V.M. degree and in a graduate program leading to the M.S. or Ph.D. degree after completion of 128 semester credits. The graduate program may be in the College of Veterinary Medicine or in another college.

Interested students must complete a graduate application, complete a “Concurrent Enrollment Request” form available in the Graduate College office or on the web site at, submit both forms with appropriate transcripts and letters of recommendation to the Office of Admissions (100 Alumni Hall). (Copies of the application forms may be obtained at State on the application that the application is for a concurrent degree program.

Signed approvals on the Graduate Admissions Evaluation form are required from the graduate program, the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, and the Dean of the Graduate College. On admittance, the student receives an admission notification from the Office of Admissions. For more information see the Graduate College Handbook.

Graduate Students in Concurrent Undergraduate Programs

Graduate students interested in enrolling in a concurrent undergraduate program should contact the Office of Admissions (100 Alumni Hall) to obtain admission information (even if the student has been previously admitted as an undergraduate). A “Concurrent Enrollment Request” form should be obtained from the Office of Admissions or on the Graduate College Web site at and circulated for the appropriate approvals. The student must be formally admitted both as a graduate student and as an undergraduate student. Official enrollment and fee payment will be as a graduate student. Credits transferred from the graduate permanent record to the undergraduate permanent record are no longer available for use on a graduate program of study.

Concurrent Bachelors and Masters Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Major Master’s
Master’s Major
B. S. Accounting M.Acc. Accounting
B. S. Agricultural Biochemistry M.S.
B. S. Agricultural Engineering M.S. Agricultural Engineering
B. S. Animal Science M.S. Animal Breeding and Genetics
B. S. Animal Science M.S. Animal Nutrition
B. S. Animal Science M.S. Meat Science
B. S. Animal Science M.S. Animal Physiology
B. S. Animal Science M.S. Animal Science
B. S. Biochemistry M.S. Biochemistry
B. S. Biophysics M.S. Biophysics
B. S. Civil Engineering M.S. Civil Engineering
B. S. Civil Engineering M.B.A. Business Administration
B. S. Computer Engineering M.S. Computer Engineering
B. S. Computer Engineering M.B.A. Business Administration
B. S. Diet and Exercise M.S. Diet and Exercise
B. S. Electrical Engineering M.S. Electrical Engineering
B. S. Electrical Engineering M.B.A. Business Administration
B. S. Family Finances, Housing and Policy M.S. Human Development and Family Studies
B. S. Food Science M.S. Food Science and Technology
B. S. Industrial Engineering M.B.A. Business Administration
B. S. Materials Engineering M.S. Materials Science and Engineering
B. S. Mechanical Engineering M.S. Mechanical Engineering
B. S. Mechanical Engineering M.B.A. Business Administration
B. S. Nutritional Science M.S. Nutritional Sciences
B. S. Psychology M.S. Psychology

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