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Student Services

Margaret Sloss Women’s Center
Sloss House
(515) 294-4154

The Margaret Sloss Women’s Center promotes the educational, personal, and career development of all women in the ISU/Ames community. Along with other departments, the Women’s Center shares the university’s responsibility of creating a safe and supportive environment for all individuals. The purpose of the Women’s Center is to promote and sustain women through assistance, programs, and information and referral services.

The Women’s Center provides:

• Assistance and support for women who work toward making change, on both personal and institutional levels.

• A safe space for women to meet, study, eat, network, discuss, find support, watch a video or just relax.

• A clearinghouse of information including a lending library, resource files, a calendar of events, and a variety of videos and audio tapes.

• Educational programming that focuses on helping students, staff, and faculty thrive in an academic environment by motivating them toward a greater understanding of, and involvement with, gender issues. Educational programs presented in residence halls, departments and organizations include workshops on a variety of topics.

• Coordination and co-sponsorship of special events including Women’s Week, National Coming Out Days, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Women’s History Month. Throughout the year, the Women’s Center also sponsors a number of speakers on current issues, hosts conferences, and coordinates support and discussion groups.

• A place to gain experience and/or credit as a journalism or design intern, practicum student, student programmer, board member, or volunteer.

Other services include an electronic breast pump, lockers to rent, free condoms, meeting space for campus and community organizations, kitchen facilities, a TV and VCR.

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