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Returning/Reentry to the University

U.S. students who have been absent from Iowa State University less than 12 months may be admitted as a returning student. If more than 12 months have elapsed since last enrolled, a U.S. student must apply for reentry to the university. All international students must apply for reentry regardless of the time away from the university.

Returning Students

U.S. undergraduate and non-degree undergraduate students planning to return to Iowa State University after an absence of less than 12 months do not complete a reentry form; however, international undergraduate and non-degree undergraduate students planning to return to Iowa State University after an absence of less than 12 months must complete a reentry form.

Returning U.S. students and graduate students should contact the Office of the Registrar to have their records updated and registration access created. Students should contact their advisers or major professor to select courses and begin the registration process.

Returning students who want to change their curricula should follow the same procedure as in-school students. Students who were dropped from enrollment at Iowa State University must obtain reinstatement by the Academic Standards Committee of the college that initiated the drop. (See below for policies that apply to requests for reinstatement.)

Reentry Students

Undergraduate and nondegree undergraduate (special) students who plan to attend Iowa State University after an absence of twelve months or more must complete a reentry form. Forms are available from

Students with a bachelor’s degree who plan to take supporting graduate level coursework prior to applying for graduate degree admission should request a nondegree graduate admission application.

Students who have previously attended Iowa State University only as nondegree (special) students and who now seek to earn an undergraduate degree should request an undergraduate application.

International students must complete a reentry form. Forms are available from Financial certification of ability to cover all educational and living expenses will be required.

The reentry form should be completed and returned to the Office of the Registrar, 0460 Beardshear Hall, well in advance of the term of reentry. Students who have attended another college or university since enrollment at Iowa State University must have an official transcript(s) of all course work attempted sent to the Office of Admissions, 100 Alumni Hall.

Reentering students must also contact their departmental office/adviser to prepare a class schedule. Reentry must be approved prior to registration.

Iowa State University requests the information on the reentry form for the purpose of making a reentry decision. The university reserves the right not to approve reentry if the student fails to provide the required information.

Reentry Approval Process

Generally, a request to reenter Iowa State University will be approved within the Office of the Registrar. However, the Office of the Registrar will refer the reentry form to the college to which a student plans to return if the student: (a) desires to change curriculum; (b) has a previous Iowa State University cumulative grade point average below 2.00; (c) was dropped from the university for unsatisfactory academic progress or was not otherwise in good standing; or (d) since leaving Iowa State University, has completed additional college study with less than a 2.00 grade point average. See Index, Reinstatement.

Academic Renewal Policy

Students who are returning to Iowa State University to pursue an undergraduate degree after an extended absence may request permission to remove one or more of their complete academic terms from future degree and GPA considerations. See Academic Renewal Policy.

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