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Class Schedule Planner

The Class Schedule Planner is an application that allows students to plan their schedules using courses displayed in the Schedule of Classes. Students can select courses and/or sections they want to take for a particular term, as well as block out unavailable class days and times. Based on those selections, Class Schedule Planner can return all possible schedules to the student in a color coded grid format.

Though it is a Web-based application, the Class Schedule Planner does not require authentication (no user ID, PIN, or password). Therefore, it is essential that students understand this is a planner and as such, it does not register them in courses and cannot be used to complete their registration. The application requires that the user have Java on their computer. The first screen of the Planner provides information about how to use the planner and simple instructions for downloading the Java application. A useful Help link also has been provided. The Class Schedule Planner is available at http://planner.iastate.

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