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Registration is a process by which students become officially enrolled in classes for a given term. The process involves consultation between the student and the student’s academic adviser. All undergraduate students are assigned an academic adviser based on their major/curriculum. A new adviser assignment is made when a student changes majors/curricula. See Academic Advising.

Students who attend classes must complete registration and pay their assessed fees. Registration is not complete until all fees are paid, including board and room fees for those living in residence halls. See Index, Fees and Expenses.

Students with disabilities who need assistance with any phase of registration should contact Disability Resources.

To register for classes, students need the following materials and information:

• Registration Worksheet, available for download at

• A RAN (registration access number) if required by their college.

• Course information from the Online Schedule of Classes at

• Other departmental information applicable to their curriculum, available from their adviser.

Students are expected to do the following in the advising and registration process:

1. Meet with their adviser, who will provide the following:

a. degree audit

b. guidance in course selection

c. Registration Authorization form, with RAN, if applicable.

2. Choose specific sections of each course. Students are responsible for choosing their course sections. In most cases advisers will not be involved in selecting meeting times.

3. Review their registration start date/time information and any registration hold information on AccessPlus, under Current Information. Students in those colleges which require a four-digit registration access number (RAN) should meet with their adviser to obtain their Registration Authorization Card on which the RAN is printed.

4. Register for courses using the AccessPlus registration system.

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