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Student Services

Recreation Services
2220 State Gymnasium
(515) 294-4980

Recreation Services is dedicated to the provision of quality recreational opportunities for the campus community. Programs include intramural sports, sport clubs, informal recreation, outdoor recreation, special events, fitness programs, and recreation facility management. Assistance for other recreational services is provided.

The Informal Recreation program includes the opportunity for recreational sports activity in Beyer Hall, State Gymnasium, Forker Building (east campus), Lied Recreation/Athletic Center, outdoor tennis courts near the Forker Building, recreation fields east of the Towers and Maple-Willow-Larch Residence Halls, and the Southeast Field Complex east of the football stadium. Two regulation golf holes north of the Armory are open for ISU recreation golf use at no charge. The Ames/ISU Ice Arena is also available for drop in open skating or organized events.

The Group Fitness program provides nearly 60 classes per week for staying fit. The types of aerobics classes available include: high/low impact, step, toning and aqua. We also offer personal trainers for those that would like to have one-on-one assistance with their workout. The Rec Milers Program is designed to help students stay interested and involved in a regular exercise program. Participants have the flexibility to choose their own activities and can exercise at their own pace and convenience. Participants keep track of their recreational mileage for each month. To get mileage credit, progress slips must be deposited in the Rec Miler’s boxes at the Recreation Services Office, 2220 State Gym, or at the Lied Recreation/Athletic Facility. Monthly totals for each participant are posted at State Gym. Participants may earn awards for specific milestones. Aerobic activities for Rec Miler credit include: bike, walk, basketball, handball, cross country skiing, stationary bike, fitness class, jump rope, soccer, jog/run, swim, racquetball and tennis.

The Outdoor Recreation program is composed of four basic elements: the camping-outdoor equipment checkout program; the organized trip program; basic instruction activity workshops; the Resource Center and Library. All of these programs and activities are designed to provide opportunities for natural environment experiences.

The Sports Club program is designed to serve individual interests in different sports club activities and is student-oriented in every aspect. Sports clubs offer team or individual recreational opportunities. Following are the sports clubs: archery, badminton, ballroom dance, baseball, bowling, boxing, canoe and kayak, cycling, equestrian, fencing, flying, hapkido, hockey, judo, karate, kum do, lacrosse, motorcycle, mountaineering/rock climbing, paintball, pool, racquetball, rifle and pistol, rodeo, roller hockey, rugby, running, sailing, scuba, shotokan karate, ski and snowboard, skydivers, soccer, table tennis, tae-kwon-do, tennis, trap and skeet, triathlon, ultimate frisbee, unicycle, volleyball, water polo, water ski and weightlifting. These clubs offer instruction and competition at the local and intercollegiate levels. The club members set dues, and most clubs receive financial subsidy from the Government of the Student Body to enable students to participate regardless of their financial situation.

The Intramural Sports program involves competition among participants who enter as teams or individuals and play according to specific schedules. There are more than 50 intramural sport activities ranging from football to inner tube water basketball and curling. Activities include men’s, women’s and co-rec divisions. Numerous special events add spice to the recreation program. These activities are of an endless variety and usually take place in a short time span. In general, they encompass demonstrations, performances, special contests, mass group participation, social occasions, excursions, displays, or special instruction.

Other physical, cultural, and social recreation programs are sponsored in coordination with various departments, organizations, and groups on and off campus. Contact us for more information.

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