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Student Services

Multicultural Student Affairs
2080 Student Services Building
(515) 294-6338

Multicultural Student Affairs was established to assist the university in keeping its commitment to equal educational opportunity. The mission of MSA is to provide and share leadership in the holistic development of African American, Latino/a-Hispanic, Asian American/Pacific Islander, and American Indian/Alaskan Native students. In supporting university spirit and commitment to a high quality of life, academic success and graduation of all Iowa State University students, MSA is dedicated to collaboration with all university departments, offices, and related organizations in the delivery of programs and services that respond to the ever changing needs of all students.

MSA staff work closely with all units of the university to achieve the following objectives:

• Increase the number of students of color entering and graduating from ISU.
• Ensure access, choice, and persistence with all departments and organizations interested in the growth and development of students of color.
• Maintain liaison and coordinate programs with all departments and organizations interested in the growth and development of students of color.
• Develop students for a future beyond their undergraduate college experience – professionally, intellectually and culturally.
• Provide leadership for diversity awareness education regarding race and ethnicity.

These objectives assist in the achievement of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs’ mission. This is accomplished through the following services and programs:

• Academic Program for Excellence (APEX)
• Carver Academy Program
• George Washington Carver Scholarship
• Multicultural Vision Program (MVP) Scholarship
• MSA Emergency Loan Program
• MSA Tutoring
• First Year Student of Color Experience programming
• Race Relations programming

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