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Student Services

Student Legal Services
B0367 Memorial Union
(515) 294-0978

Funded entirely by the Government of the Student Body, Student Legal Services (SLS) is a legal aid office for students currently enrolled at Iowa State University and registered Iowa State University student groups. It is staffed by two attorneys who advise and often represent students in a variety of cases and are available for consultation with respect to most legal concerns.

The types of cases most often handled include:

• Family Law and Divorce
• Criminal Law
• Landlord - Tenant Problems
• Off-campus Employment Problems
• Consumer Issues
• Administrative Issues
• Notary Services

The services of SLS are available to students and registered Iowa State University student groups free of charge. Students must pay their own court costs and any out of pocket expenses.

SLS cannot represent students in fee generating cases, controversies involving student vs. student or student vs. ISU, ISU student judicial matters and generally does not handle felony defense or cases involving excessive time. However, consultation with an attorney regarding these matters is available.

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