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Progressing Toward a Degree

Degree Planning

In addition to being properly registered, students are responsible for knowing the requirements for their degree and planning their schedule to meet those requirements.

At each fall and spring registration, students receive an degree audit printout. This printout shows in a degree program format those courses that have been completed and those courses in which the student is currently enrolled. Also shown are the graduation requirements that have not been completed.

Students should use the information on this printout to help them review progress towards their degrees(s), plan their course of study to complete degree requirements, and select courses for the next term. Graduation evaluators in the Office of the Registrar use a similar printout during the term a student will graduate to determine if the student will have completed all degree requirements upon successful completion of the courses on the student’s schedule that term.

For further information about how completed courses fulfill degree requirements or how other courses will apply toward their degree requirements, students should see their adviser.

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