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Progressing Toward a Degree

Changing Curriculum or Major

A student’s freedom to change their major, and the procedure that should be followed, depend on the student’s academic standing and on policies of individual colleges as approved by the provost.

1. If students are not on academic probation (P) and have never been dismissed and reinstated, they may change their major by consulting first with their adviser. (If, however, they have been on academic probation in the past, they may also be subject to regulation 4, below.) Beyond that, they should follow these procedures:

a. If the change involves majors within the same college, they should check with the college office to obtain instructions as to how to make the change.b. If the change involves majors in different colleges, they should obtain a Change of Curriculum/Major form and their file from their adviser, present these materials to the student services office of their present college, then to the student services office of the college to which they are transferring, and finally to the office of their new major.

2. Students on academic probation (P) must first obtain permission to enter the new major. Permission comes from the dean of the college responsible for that major in consultation with the department head. If permission is granted, students should then follow the procedures described above. If they are on academic probation and want to transfer to another college in the university, they must do so before the last day to drop a course in period 2 (see Index, Making Schedule Changes).

3. Students who have been reinstated may not transfer to another college during the first term following reinstatement, and they may not at any time transfer back to the college that originally dismissed them without the permission of the academic standards committee of that college.

4. Students who transferred from one college to another while on academic probation, (P) may not transfer back unless they have the permission of the academic standards committee of the college from which they originally transferred.

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