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Student Services

Student Counseling Center

Director: Terry Mason, Ph.D.
Associate Director: Joyce A. Davidson, Ph.D.

Professional Staff: Cara Armstrong, Ph.D.; Mark R. Becker, Ph.D.; Lenore M. Binen, Ph.D.; Jonathan H. Brandon, Ph.D.; Janet S. Croyle, M.Ed.; Catalina D’Achiardi, Ph.D.; Ronald A. Jackson, Ph.D.; Marty I. Martinez, Ph.D.; Michelle M. Roling, M.Ed.; Martha S. Norton, M.S.

The Student Counseling Service (SCS) assists students in enhancing their academic success and personal well-being with a staff of professional psychologists and counselors. Services are available to help students sort through their feelings, strengths, and options to develop new perspectives and coping skills.

Our services include:

•One-on-one counseling for any issue of personal concern, such as depression, anxiety, stress management, relationship issues, identity issues, and other forms of personal challenge. Student may also receive therapeutic services to deal with more severe mental health issues.

•Couples counseling for ISU students and their partners during times of relationship difficulty.

•Eating disorders assessment and treatment for students concerned with eating or body image issues. Students receiving treatment for eating disorders might also work with physicians, nutritionists, and personal trainers, as their needs require.

•Substance abuse assessments to help students determine the nature and extent of their alcohol or other drug use, and the impact of this use on their well being. Counselors offer recommendations and referrals for any concerns identified through the assessment.

•Career counseling to assist students having difficulty choosing a major, or making decisions about their future after college.

•Group counseling is offered to facilitate personal growth and social skills learning. A list of the current semester’s groups is available on the SCS web sits.

•A variety of outreach programs are also available.

Counseling services are offered at no cost to ISU students. However, a nominal fee for testing may be required. Nominal fees are also charged for uncancelled missed appointments. Counseling is strictly confidential. SCS staff will not release any information to anyone outside of the Student Counseling Service without the written permission of the client, unless an imminent harm condition exists.

In addition to providing counseling and outreach services to students, SCS provides training and consultation to faculty and staff to assist them in addressing the psychological needs of students.

SCS hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. The Student Counseling Service phone number is 515-294-5056.

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