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AccessPlus Information System

AccessPlus is a secure and confidential campus information system that is available via the World Wide Web. Students, employees, and affiliates view personalized menus from campus and home workstations. For public convenience, AccessPlus stations are available in the Memorial Union and at the Visitors Information Center. Students can use AccessPlus to register for classes, view and print current term schedules, view class meeting rooms, class instructors, academic records, final grades, financial aid status, current university bill, academic adviser assignment and projected date of graduation. University employees use the system to view personal information such as pay history and insurance. Some employees also perform business-related functions. Information about and access to AccessPlus may be found at or

Third Party Access on AccessPlus

Third party access is an option in AccessPlus that allows students to grant access to selected personal information to a trusted third party. For example, Third Party Access allows a student to set up a special account for a parent or family member to view their grades and/or pay their university bill. More information on creating third party accounts is available from Help after signing onto AccessPlus at