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Academic Progress

Each college has an academic standards committee that is responsible for monitoring the academic progress of all undergraduate students in that college, based on policies and minimum requirements set by the Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Standards and Admissions and ratified by the Faculty Senate.

Individual college faculties may, with the approval of the Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Standards and Admissions, set additional program admission and curriculum requirements that are more stringent than those established for the university. These additional requirements must be reviewed at least every third catalog by the college academic standards committee to determine if they should be continued. Requirements approved by the college academic standards committees will then be forwarded to the Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Standards and Admissions for final approval.

The college committees are responsible for actions involving individual students with respect to placing students on academic probation, dismissing students from the university for unsatisfactory academic progress, and reinstating students who have been dismissed.

For questions concerning interpretation and application of the rules governing academic progress, students should contact the chair or secretary of their college academic standards committee in their college office.

The university’s academic standards rules are presented below. In addition to taking action based on these rules, a college academic standards committee may also place a student on academic probation or dismiss a student from enrollment in the university when, in the college committee’s judgment, the student’s academic performance or progress toward a degree is exceptionally deficient. Likewise, a college committee may, under exceptional circumstances, exempt individual students from the application of these rules.Students who participate in the Regent Universities Student Exchange Program, or in a similar program where the credit taken at the other school will be considered as resident credit and the grades included in the student’s ISU cumulative grade point average, are subject to Iowa State University ‘s academic standards.

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