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Distinguished Professor
Distinguished Professor denotes those faculty members who have been recognized for having attained outstanding national and international reputations within their professional disciplines.

University Professor
University Professor denotes those faculty members who have been recognized for having made outstanding contributions to the quality of education at Iowa State University.

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UDPA, LALITA, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Collaborator). B.S., 1972, N. Wadia; M.S., 1974, Poona; M.S., 1981, Ph.D., 1986, Colorado State.

UDPA, SATISH, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Collaborator). B.Tech., 1975, J.N.T. University (India); M.S., 1980, Ph.D., 1983, Colorado State.

UEMURA, ETSURO, Professor of Biomedical Sciences. D.V.M., 1965, Nippon; Ph.D., 1976, Wisconsin.

UHLENHOPP, ELDON KARL, Associate Professor of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine; Associate Professor of Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine. D.V.M., 1972, M.S., 1986, Iowa State.

UKEILEY, SCOTT E., Adjunct Instructor in Naval Science. B.A., 1990, Rutgers; J.D., 1993, Syracuse; M.A., 1996, American Military; M.Phil., 2001, George Washington.

ULMER, MARTIN J., Emeritus Professor of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology: Distinguished Professor in Liberal Arts and Sciences. B.S., 1942, M.S., 1943, Ph.D., 1950, Michigan.

ULRICHSON, DEAN, Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering. B.S., 1962, Nebraska; M.S., 1963, Illinois; Ph.D., 1970, Iowa State.

UNDERHILL, WILLIAM R., Emeritus Professor of English. A.B., 1946, Manchester; M.A., 1947, Ph.D., 1955, Northwestern.

URBATSCH, ROBERT B., Assistant Professor of Political Science. B.S., 2000, Iowa State; Ph.D., 2006, Harvard.

USTUNDAG, ERSAN, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. B.S., 1990, Bogazici (Turkey); Ph.D., 1995, Cornell.