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Honors Program

The Iowa State University Honors Program is designed for students who have demonstrated the ability and motivation to assume more than the usual responsibility for their undergraduate education. The goal of the program is to enable Honors students to gain maximum benefit from their undergraduate education. Students who graduate in the Honors Program receive the Honors designation on their transcripts and on their baccalaureate diplomas.

Special educational opportunities. Students in the Honors Program determine their educational objectives and devise an individualized program of study to meet those objectives. An honors program may include substitutions for required courses, combinations of courses from several departments to form a new major or minor, Honors courses or seminars, independent study and research, and other forms of innovation. Information about Honors courses and seminars for the current academic year can be obtained from the Honors Program Office, 2130 Jischke Honors Building.

Other benefits. Members of the Honors Program have 24-hour access to the Honors building as a quiet place to study, use the computers, and visit with other Honors students. Students also have off-campus opportunities such as attending Honors semesters and Wingspread conferences. Members receive extended loan privileges at the Library, priority scheduling, and the opportunity to apply for research funds.

Eligibility. Students who have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.35 become eligible to apply for admission to the Honors Program during their second semester in residence and continue to be eligible for admission as long as they have at least 48 semester credits remaining before graduation.

Freshman Honors Program. Entering freshmen with outstanding high school records and academic ability may be eligible to participate in the Freshman Honors Program. The Freshman Honors Program, which is designed to introduce students to an honors education, consists of special honors sections of English 250 and Library 160, a Freshman Honors Seminar, and advising by specially selected honors advisers. Students may also choose to participate in the Mentor Program, designed to introduce students to the research arena. Participants select an area of interest and are matched with faculty members conducting research in that area. Admission to the Freshman Honors Program is limited and by invitation, and is based on past academic achievement, potential, and interest in an honors education.

Further information. Further information concerning the University Honors Program and the Freshman Honors Program can be obtained from the Honors Program Office in Jischke Honors Building.

Dual-degree Programs

Students who complete the first three years in certain curricula at Iowa State and who satisfactorily complete the first year in a recognized medical, dental, veterinary medical, or law curriculum may then be awarded a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State. (See Index, Preprofessional Study.)

Iowa Lakeside Laboratory

Iowa Lakeside Laboratory is an off-campus teaching and research facility situated on a 140-acre campus on West Okoboji Lake in Northwest Iowa. It is run cooperatively by Iowa State University, the University of Iowa, the University of Northern Iowa, and Drake University. Each summer Iowa State University students can take up to three undergraduate and/or graduate courses in archaeology, biology, ecology, environmental science, and/or geology for credit at Lakeside (see course listings under Iowa Lakeside Laboratory). All Lakeside courses are small, full-immersion, field-oriented courses that run for 1-4 weeks. Lakeside also offers a variety of short courses for teachers and a series of nontechnical short courses on various aspects of the natural history of Iowa. Information about Lakeside courses as well as registration and housing information can be obtained from the Administrative Office, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, 103 Bessey Hall or on the Lakeside Web site,

The Washington Center Program

Iowa State University, in conjunction with The Washington Center, offers its students the opportunity to gain academic credit and first hand professional work experience in the governmental, nonprofit, and private sectors through a summer- or semester-long internship in the nation’s capital. The Washington Center, the largest nonprofit organization of its kind, places students in a variety of internships and also offers a wide array of academic programs and seminars to complement their internship experience, see Liberal Arts and Sciences Career Services is the institutional liason office with the Washington Center. Further information about the requirements can be obtained from 515-294-4841, or at 351 Catt Hall.

Regent Universities Student Exchange Program

Iowa State University students may take courses at either of the other two Regent universities for Iowa State resident credit. Regular, degree-bound students in good standing at any of the three Regent universities may attend another Regent university for a maximum of two semesters, and the credits earned at the other university will be counted as resident credit at the home institution. Approval for participation and credit in the exchange program must be obtained well in advance of registration since the department head must approve the acceptance of such credits if these are to apply to the major, and to ensure complete processing of the application between the cooperating universities within specified dates for enrollment. Detailed information and application forms for the exchange program are available from the Office of the Registrar.

National Student Exchange (NSE)

Iowa State University is a member of National Student Exchange. The NSE Consortium has 190 colleges and universities throughout the North America providing academic and experiential exchange opportunities. Iowa State students with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 are eligible to apply. Credits earned as an NSE participant will be recorded on the students Iowa State transcript. Approval for credit in the NSE program should be sought from a student’s academic adviser in advance of application. Detailed information and applications forms are available from:

National Student Exchange
1080 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center
(515) 294-6479

Study Abroad

Our planet is in a constant state of change, and occurrences in remote corners of the globe can profoundly impact our lives. It is clear from the effects of global warming, international trade, terrorism, and pandemics of one nature or the other that we cannot ignore what is happening beyond our shores and borders. Students who graduate without an understanding of other cultures, languages, business practices, and political systems are disadvantaged both educationally and professionally. Studying abroad helps prepare students to meet the challenges of an increasingly interdependent global community. Further, study abroad is an adventure that challenges the student academically and provides real opportunities to interact with other cultures, languages, and lifestyles.

As a leading international university, Iowa State has a major commitment to study abroad, and the Study Abroad Center is the central administrative office responsible for providing these opportunities. We offer advising on study abroad, international internships, work, volunteer opportunities, and service-learning, and scholarships. The Center’s library has a fine selection of travel books, information on international careers, cross-cultural orientation, social and business customs around the world, and travel bargains. The International Student Identity Card and passport photographs can also be obtained at the Center.
With over 250 study abroad programs available, from one week to an academic year in length and in nearly every major, students are able to find a program that meets their needs and interests so they can discover for themselves why study abroad is the most exciting academic adventure.

Exchange Programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad at a partner university while paying Iowa State tuition. Semester in Australia, Canada, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, or UK offers unlimited placement opportunities for students to study at some of our most popular destinations for the fall, spring, and in some cases summer.

Intensive Language Programs offer students a total immersion experience in French, German, Russian, or Spanish by studying in Québec, Canada (French), France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Peru, or Spain. Summer and semester programs are available.

Group Programs led by our faculty offer Iowa State courses around the world. Short-term options can take you from the Antarctic to England and to more than 40 other destinations.

For additional information, contact:
Study Abroad
3224 Memorial Union
(515 294-6792)