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Curriculum in Early Childhood Education

The curriculum in early childhood education is planned for students preparing to teach young children and work with their families. This program leads to careers in working with young children who are typically developing and those with special needs from birth through age eight. Graduates in this curriculum may teach in early childhood (preschool and primary) classrooms and home based programs, with emphasis on inclusive services; graduates may be employed by either public or private agencies or schools. This curriculum has been approved by the Iowa Department of Education and meets the requirements for the early childhood education unified teacher license, which permits individuals to teach general and special education for children from birth through age eight. The program is administered jointly by the Departments of Human Development and Family Studies and Curriculum and Instruction.

Students in early childhood education must make application to and be accepted into the teacher education program prior to enrolling in advanced courses. All early childhood students, including those seeking a double major, must meet general education requirements for teacher licensure. Iowa State University is in compliance with the Iowa Department of Education’s mandate for a performance based system of teacher training. Following this same type of system, the state of Iowa has developed and implemented a competency system to evaluate the performance of all teachers. A detailed list of the eleven Iowa State University Teacher Education Standards and the eight State of Iowa Teaching Standards, along with other information about the University Teacher Education Program, can be found at, the teacher education website.

Foreign Language Requirement

Early childhood education majors must satisfy a graduation requirement equivalent to the first year of university-level study in one foreign language (normally, completion of a two-semester sequence in any one foreign language). The requirement may be met by completion of three or more years of high school study in one foreign language.

Students who have completed three or more years of French, German, or Spanish in high school may not receive graded credit for 101-102 in those languages; test-out credit (T credit) may be obtained by passing an appropriate examination or by completing an advanced sequence (200-level or higher) in that language. If these students choose to take 101-102 on a remedial basis, they will be graded S-F.

125.5 total semester credits required
Cr. Degree Requirements
9.5 Communications and Library
Engl 150, 250; Lib 160, select 3 credits from Communications
3 Select from communications options list
9 Natural sciences and mathematics
Math 195, Select 3 credits from physical sciences, Select 3 credits from biological sciences
9 Social sciences
3 Select from American government or American history
6 Select from CHS approved list.
9 Humanities
Select from CHS approved list. Must meet Foreign Language Requirement.
2 Health, Dance, Physical Education, Safety
H S 105
9 Human Development and Family Studies
HD FS 102, 220, 221
2 Orientation
HD FS 110, HD FS 208
15 Professional Education Core
C I 201, 204, 250, 332, 406
21 Preprimary Inclusive
HD FS 240, 340, 343, 345, 455,456
21-24 Primary Inclusive
C I 245, 268, 377, 433 or 443, 438 or 448, 439 or 449, 468F, 468G, 468I; Sp Ed 355, 368, 455
16 Student teaching
Sp Ed 415 and HD FS 417B OR C I 416A and HD FS 417C
0-3 Electives

Communication Options

Select 3 credits from: ComSt 102, 218, 317, Sp Cm 212, 312, 313, 322, 327

Physical Sciences Options

Select 3 credits from: Astro 120, 150, Chem 160, 163, 164, Geol 100, 102, LAS 111, Mteor 206, Phys 101, 106

Biological Sciences Options

Select 3 credits from: Biol 101, 173, 155, 211, 211L, 255, 255L, 258, Ent 211

US Diversity and International Perspectives Requirement: Students in Early Childhood Education fulfill the US Diversity and International Perspectives Requirements by choosing three credits of coursework from each of the university-approved lists.

*Refer to departmental curriculum sheet, available from adviser, for specific course requirements