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Curriculum in Industrial Engineering

Administered by the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering.

Leading to the degree bachelor of science. Total credits required: 120.5. See also Basic Program and Cooperative Programs.

Sophomore Year
Cr. Fall
3 Engl 250
4 Calculus III—Math 265
3 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes and Specifications—I E 248*
2 Principles of Materials Science and Engineering—Mat E 272
5 Introduction to Classical Physics II—Phys 222
Cr. Spring
3 Applied Ergonomics and Work Design—I E 271*
4 Elementary Differential Equations and LaPlace Transforms—Math 267
4 Probability and Statistical Inference for Engineers—Stat 231
3 Statics of Engineering—E M 274
Junior Year
Cr. Fall
3 Engineering Economic Analysis— I E 305*
3 Production Systems—I E 341*
3 Optimization—I E 312*
2 Introduction to Circuits and Instruments—E E 442
3 Fundamentals of Public Speaking—Sp CM 212
Cr. Spring
3 Solidification Processes—I E 348*
3 Engineering science elective 3
3 Quality Control—I E 361*
3 Management elective2
3 SSH elective1
Senior Year
Cr. Fall
4 Stochastic Modeling, Simulation and Analysis—I E 413*
3 Thermodynamics—M E 330
3 Technical Communication—Engl 314
3 SSH elective1
3 Focus elective4
Cr. Spring
3 Engineering Topic elective3
3 Focus elective4
3 Management elective2
3 Manufacturing Systems Engineering—I E 448*
3 Industrial Engineering Design—I E 441*

Communication Proficiency

The department requires a C grade (2.0) or better in both Engl 150 and 250.

*Core professional curriculum. A student must have a minimum grade point average of 2.00 in this group of courses to graduate.

1These social sciences and humanities (SSH) electives must be chosen from a department-approved list and must include at least one 6-credit sequence of prerequisite or related courses. At least 6 credits of SSH electives at or above the 200-level must be included.

2These management electives must be chosen from a department-approved list.

3These engineering topic electives must be chosen from a department-approved list.

4The IMSE curriculum provides students with the opportunity to obtain depth in a topic area of their choice. At least two courses, selected from a department-approved list, must be taken from one of the following areas:

Operations Research: which is concerned with the design and analysis of quantitative models and methods having applications in production and service systems such as inventory control, scheduling, transportation, and logistics.

Manufacturing: which is concerned with the design, analysis, operation, and control of manufacturing processes and systems.

Human Factors: which is concerned with the relationships between people and their work tasks, machines, information, and environment.

Engineering Management: which is concerned with the strategies necessary for solving internal and external problems of a company in areas such as production, quality, project management, sales, and marketing strategies.

General: for students who do not want to specialize in any of the five focus areas above, choosing instead to combine electives from a number of areas.