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Curriculum in Civil Engineering (General)

Administered by the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering.

Leading to the degree bachelor of science.

Total credits required: 129.5 general emphasis; 129.5 environmental specialization emphasis. For any area of emphasis, see the department. Also see 2007-2009 Student Guide to Civil Engineering. Also see Basic Program and Cooperative Programs.

For those interested in construction engineering, a curriculum is provided which leads to the degree bachelor of science in construction engineering. For details, see Curriculum in Construction Engineering.

General Emphasis
Sophomore Year
Cr. Fall
3 Differential Equations—Math 266
4-5 Introduction to Classical Physics II—Phys 222 (5 cr.); or 3 cr. General Chemistry—Chem 178 and 1 cr. Laboratory—Chem 178L
3 Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition—Engl 250
3 Statics—E M 274*
2 Civil Engineering Synthesis I—C E 203
R Technical Lecture—C E 1011
Cr. Spring
3 Mechanics of Materials—E M 324*
1 Mechanics of Materials Laboratory—E M 327
3 Calculus III—Math 265 or numerical analysis elective2
3 Fundamentals of Public Speaking—Sp Cm 212
2 Civil Engineering Synthesis II— C E 204
3 Statistics Elective3
Junior Year
Cr. Fall
3 Mechanics of Fluids—E M 378*
2 Professional Issues in Civil Engineering —C E 303*
3 Principles of Environmental Engineering —C E 326*
3 Structural Analysis I—C E 332*
3 Soil Engineering—C E 360*
3 Geology for Engineers—Geol 201
Cr. Spring
2 Civil Engineering Design and Construction—C E 304
3 Reinforced Concrete Design I—C E 334
2 Introduction to Transportation Engineering—C E 355*
4 Engineering Hydrology and Hydraulics—C E 372*
3 Design of Concretes—C E 382
3 Engineering Science or Life Science Elective4
Senior Year
Cr. Fall
3 Structural Steel Design I—C E 333
4 Highway Design—C E 453
2 Civil Engineering Design I—C E 485
2 Engineering Topics electives4
3 Social sciences or humanities electives5
3 Social sciences or humanities electives5
Cr. Spring
R Civil Engineering Outcomes Assessment—C E 403
3 Civil Engineering Design II—C E 486
6 Engineering Topics electives4
6 Social sciences or humanities electives5

Communication Proficiency

Students receiving a grade of C or better in Engl 150 and 250 meet the proficiency requirement of the department. Students not meeting this condition must fulfill an advanced composition requirement specified in the 2007-2009 Student Guide to Civil Engineering.

1For transfer students only.

2Either Calculus III—Math 265 or a numerical analysis elective chosen from a Department approved list.

3Selected from a Department approved list of statistics electives list.

4Selected from a Department approved list of engineering topics electives.

5Selected from a Department approved list of social science or humanities electives. Six (6) credits must be at the 200 level or above. The University’s U.S. Diversity (DIV) and International Perspective (IP) requirements must also be met. Elective courses and procedures to meet the DIV and IP requirements are provided and maintained on-line by the University.

*Core professional curriculum. A student must have a minimum grade-point average of 2.00 in this group of courses in order to graduate.