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Curriculum in Aerospace Engineering

Administered by the Department of Aerospace Engineering. Leading to the degree bachelor of science. Total credits required: 125.5. See also Basic Program and Cooperative Programs

Professional Program Sophomore Year
Cr. Fall
4 Calculus III—Math 265
5 Introduction to Classical Physics II—Phys 222
3 Statics of Engineering—E M 274
4 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering—Aer E 261*
R Aerospace Seminar—Aer E 291
Cr. Spring
4 Elementary Differential Equations and Laplace Transforms—Math 267
3 Mechanics of Materials—E M 324*
3 Dynamics—E M 345
3 Aerodynamics I—Aer E 243*
0.5 Aerodynamics Laboratory— Aer E 243L*
3 Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition—Engl 250
R Aerospace Seminar—Aer E 292
Junior Year
Cr. Fall
3 Thermodynamics—M E 330*
2 Principles of Material Science and Engineering—Mat E 272
3 Astrodynamics I—Aer E 351*
3 Flight Structures I—Aer E 321*
3 Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Stability—Aer E 355*
R Flight Experience—Aer E 301
R Aerospace Seminar—Aer E 391
3 Gen Ed elective1
Cr. Spring
3 Gas Dynamics—Aer E 311*
0.5 Gas Dynamics Laboratory— Aer E 311L*
3 Aerodynamics II—Aer E 343*
1 Advanced Aerodynamics and Propulsion Laboratory—Aer E 343L*
3 Flight Control Systems I— Aer E 331*
3 Computational Techniques for Aerospace Design—Aer E 361*
3 Flight Structures II—Aer E 421*
R Aerospace Seminar—Aer E 392
Senior Year
Cr. Fall
3 Aerospace Vehicle Propulsion I— Aer E 411*
3 Modern Design Methodology with Aerospace Applications— Aer E 461*
3 Technical elective2
3 Technical elective2
3 Gen Ed elective1
R Aerospace Seminar—Aer E 491
Cr. Spring
3 Design of Aerospace Systems— Aer E 462*
3 Technical elective2
3 Technical elective2
3 Gen Ed elective1
3 Gen Ed elective1
R Aerospace Seminar—Aer E 492

Communication Proficiency

The department requires a grade of C (2.0) or better in Engl 150 and 250 to be eligible for Communication Proficiency Certification. Students satisfying this requirement who are not cited for deficiencies in reports, laboratory reports, or other writings required in other courses, are certified during the semester prior to their semester of graduation. Students not satisfying these requirements are referred to the department’s Academic Standards and Program Quality Committee for corrective action.

1The general education electives are to be selected from the department-approved list of courses, subject to department guidelines and are not to be taken under the P-NP policy.

2Twelve elective credits scheduled to be taken at the senior year are of three types: (1) Aerospace Program Technical Electives, 3 credits; (2) Technical Electives, 3 credits; and (3) Career Electives, 6 credits. Aerospace Program Technical Electives and the Technical Electives must be chosen from department-approved lists for each type. All electives must be chosen following published department guidelines. These courses are not to be taken under the P-NP policy.

*Core professional curriculum. A student must have a minimum grade-point average of 2.00 in this group of courses in order to graduate.