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Curriculum in Landscape Architecture

The department offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs.

The undergraduate program consists of a 5-year curriculum, requiring 149.5 credits, leading to the degree Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. These credits are distributed between a one-year pre-professional program of 29.5 credits and a four-year professional program of 120 credits.

Admission into the professional program depends upon available resources and is subject to the approval of a faculty committee at the completion of the pre-professional program. Applicants are reviewed on the basis of scholastic performance, a portfolio of original work, and a written essay.

The BLA from Iowa State University is an LAAB (Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board)-accredited professional degree program. In the United States, most state registration boards require a degree from an accredited professional degree program as a prerequisite for professional licensure. The LAAB is the sole entity recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation to accredit U.S. first professional degree programs in landscape architecture at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

The department also offers a 36-credit graduate program leading to the degree Master of Landscape Architecture. For more complete graduate program descriptions, see Graduate Study under Landscape Architecture in the Courses and Programs section.

Core Design Program
Cr. Fall/Spring
4 Dsn S 102
4 Dsn S 131
3 Dsn S 183
6 Social Science/Humanities
6 Math/Science Electives
6 English 150/250 0.5 Library 160
29.5 Required for professional program application
3 Additional electives recommended
Cr. Fall second year
6 Landscape Interpretation and Representation—L A 201
3 Native Plants of the Midwest— LA 221
1 Developing Identity as Landscape Architect—LA 241
3 Cultural Landscape Studies— LA 272
3 Investigating Landscape Form, Process and Detail—LA 281
Cr. Spring second year
6 Site Planning and Design I—L A 202
3 The Social and Behavioral Landscape—L A 274
3 Introduced Plants of the Midwest— LA 222
3 Landscape Architecture History 1800-present—LA 371
3 Soils for Urban Use—Agron 156
Cr. Fall third year
6 Site Planning and Design II— L A 301
3 Shaping the Land—LA 381
3 Landscape Architecture History: Prehistory to 1800—LA 373
3 Landscape Change and Conservation—LA 465
3 Elective
Cr. Spring third year
6 Regional Landscape Design— L A 302
1 Contemporary Landscape Architecture—LA 341
3 LA Professional Elective
3 Social Science/Humanities Elective
3 Math 141 or Math 142/Science Elective
Cr. Fall fourth year
6 Urban Landscape Design—L A 402
2 Landscape Construction—L A 481
3 Social Science/Humanities
3 LA Professional Elective
3 Communication (300 level)
Cr. Spring fourth year
R Landscape Architecture Professional Internship, Study Abroad, National Exchange—LA 451A, B, or C
Cr. Fall fifth year
6 Community Landscape Design—LA 401
4 LA Professional Elective
3 Social Science/Humanities Elective (300 level)
3 Science/Math Elective
Cr. Spring fifth year
6 Interdisciplinary Design Studio (Dsn S 446), Advanced Landscape Architectural Design (LA 404), or Senior Thesis (LA 405
2 Professional Practice—L A 441
2 Advanced Landscape Construction—LA 482
6 Elective
149.5 Total credits for BLA