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Curriculum in Seed Science

Administered by the Departments of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Agronomy, Horticulture, and Plant Pathology. Must be taken as a secondary major in conjunction with a primary major. The seed science program is designed for students with career interests in one or more aspects of the seed industry. Areas of study include: seed production, conditioning, pathology, physiology, quality control, and marketing, as well as seed plant designs.

Cr. Degree Requirements
12.5 Interpersonal and public communication skills
Engl 150, 250; Sp Cm 212 or AgEdS 311; Lib 160; Engl 302 or 309 or 314 or Sp Cm 312; and a communications-intensive requirement (see department of primary major for procedures)
38 Mathematical, physical, and life sciences
Math 140 or 150; Stat 101 or 104; Chem 163, 163L; BBMB 221 or Chem 231, 231L; Phys 106 or 111, or Chem 164, 164L; Biol 211, 211L; Biol 212, 212L; Ent 376; Gen 320 or Biol 313; Agron 317; Pl P 408; and demonstration of computer proficiency (see department of primary major for procedures)
15 Humanities, ethics, and social science
3 cr. each of humanities, social sciences, ethics (from an approved list), U.S. diversity (from an approved list), and international perspectives (from an approved list); environmental intensive requirement (see department of primary major for procedures); and problem-solving intensive requirement (see department of primary major for procedures)
21 Agricultural sciences
Agron 114 or Hort 221; Agron 154, 206, 354; Agron or Hort electives (6 cr.); TSM electives (3 cr.)
9 Economics and business
Econ 101, 235; and one course from the following group: Acct 284; Econ 102, 330, 336; Mgmt 370; Mkt 340
10 Seed science
Agron 338, 421, 491, and 2 cr. of Agron, Hort, or TSM electives at the 300-400 level
22.5 Primary major requirements and free electives
128 Total credits

Typical Program for the First Year

Because seed science is a secondary major, the courses taken by the student during the first year will vary, depending on the primary major (see typical program for the primary major).