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Curriculum in International Agriculture

Administered by an Interdepartmental Committee. International agriculture can be taken only as a secondary major in conjunction with a primary major in the College of Agriculture. A minor is available to interested students regardless of their major.

Cr. Degree Requirements
(Additional prerequisites may be required for some courses.)
12.5 Interpersonal and public communication skills
Engl 150, 250; Sp Cm 212 or AgEdS 311; Lib 160; electives (3 cr.) select from Engl 302 or 314, or Jl MC 205
19 Mathematics, physical, and life sciences
Math 150, Chem 163, 163L, or Chem 177, 177L, math or physical science electives select from BBMB, Chem, Com S, Math, Phys, or Stat (5 cr.); biological sciences electives select from Biol, Gen, Micro, or Pl HP (6 cr.) and demonstration of computer proficiency (See primary major department.)
15 Humanities, ethics, and social sciences
Soc 130 or 134, or Econ 101; 3 cr. in ethics; 3 cr. in U.S. diversity; 3 cr. in International perspectives
15 International Agriculture
Internship in International Agriculture or Study Abroad Program or Foreign Language (6cr.)
3 Agron 342
Select courses with international agriculture focus in any major in the College of Agriculture (6 cr.) (See Supervisory Committee list)
66.5 Primary major requirements and free electives
128 Total credits

Program for the First Year

Because international agriculture is a secondary major, the courses taken by the student during the first year will vary, depending on the primary major (see typical program for the primary major).