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Curriculum in Agronomy

Students majoring in agronomy study crop, soil, and environmental sciences under one of five options: agroecology; agronomy management and business; plant breeding; research and development; or soil and environmental science. A minimum of 15 credits in agronomy courses must be earned at Iowa State.

Core Requirements
Cr. Degree Requirements
12.5 Interpersonal and public communication skills
Engl 150, 250; Lib 160; Sp Cm 212 or AgEdS 311; Engl 302, or 309, or 314
6-14 Mathematical sciences
Math 140 or 150 or 165/166 or 181/182, depending on option; and Stat 104
15-25 Physical sciences
Chem 163/163L, or 177/177L and 178/178L; and 231/231L or
BBMB 221 or Chem 331/331L and 332/332L; and Phys 106 or 111 or 221 depending on option
11-26 Biological sciences
Biol 211, 211L, 212, 212L; other courses by option
15 Humanities, ethics, and social science
3 cr. each in ethics, U.S. diversity, international perspectives, humanities, and social sciences from approved lists
21.5-31.5 Agronomic sciences
Agron 105, 110, 114, 154, 210, 230, 310, 410; other courses by option.



The Agroecology option provides the scientific foundation for understanding and managing agricultural systems with ecological and environmental perspectives. Students may pursue graduate study or careers in sustainable agriculture. More information is available from an agronomy adviser or

Agronomy Management and Business

The Agronomy Management and Business option is designed for those individuals who seek employment as agronomists working in agribusinesses such as cooperatives, seed companies, herbicide and fertilizer dealers, or crop consulting firms. More information is available from an agronomy adviser or

Plant Breeding and Biotechnology

The Plant Breeding and Biotechnology option is a science-oriented option recommended for those who would like to work in plant breeding or plant biotechnology. More information is available from an agronomy adviser or

Research and Development

The Research and Development is recommended for individuals who plan to work toward a graduate degree, or anyone who would like a strong science orientation in their degree program. More information is available from an agronomy adviser or

Soil and Environmental Science

The Soil and Environmental Science option is designed for those individuals interested in careers in environmental science, soil science, or natural resource managment. More information is available from an agronomy adviser or

Typical Program for the First Year
Cr. Fall
0.5 Orientation in Agronomy: Agron 110
3 Principles of Agronomy: Agron 114
3 Introduction to Meteorology: Agron 206
5 General Chemistry: Chem 163 and 163L
3 Critical Thinking and Communication: Engl 150
Cr. Spring
3 Fundamentals of Soil Science: Agron 154
4 Principles of Biology I and Lab: Biol 211/211L
3 Mathematics and Statisitics: Stat 104
0.5 Library Instruction: Lib 160
3 Principles of Microeconomics: Econ 101