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Dance (Dance)

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Courses primarily for undergraduate students

Dance 120. Modern Dance I. (0-3) Cr. 1. F.S. Introduction and practice of basic dance concepts, including preparatory techniques and guided creativity problems. No previous modern dance experience required. Satisfactory-fail only.

Dance 130. Ballet I. (0-3) Cr. 1. F.S. Introduction to the basic skills, vocabulary, and tradition of ballet with concentration on control and proper alignment. No previous ballet experience required. Satisfactory-fail only.

Dance 140. Jazz I. (0-3) Cr. 1. F.S. Introduction to the modern jazz style with concentration on isolation and syncopation. No previous jazz experience required. Satisfactory-fail only.

Dance 150. Tap Dance I. (0-3) Cr. 1. Instruction and practice in basic tap technique and terminology. No previous tap experience required. Satisfactory-fail only.

Dance 160. Ballroom Dance I. (0-2) Cr. 1. F.S. Instruction and practice in foxtrot, waltz, swing, cha cha, rhumba, tango, and selected contemporary dances. Satisfactory-fail only.

Dance 199. Dance Continuum. Cr. 0.5-2. Repeatable. F.S. Prereq: Permission of instructor. Advance registration required. Continued instruction and practice in either modern dance, recreational dance, ballet, jazz and/or compositional skills. Satisfactory-fail only.

Dance 211. Fundamentals and Methods of Social and World Dance. (1-3) Cr. 2. S. Prereq: Eligible for admission to HHP Teacher Education Program. Skill enhancement, teaching, progressions with emphasis on world and social dance. Designed for exercise and sport science majors, open to others.

Dance 220. Modern Dance Composition. (1-3) Cr. 2. Prereq: 120 or previous modern dance experience. Theory and practice of the creative skills involved in solo and small group composition.

Dance 222. Modern Dance II. (0-3) Cr. 1. F.S. Prereq: 120 or previous modern dance experience. Dance techniques emphasizing strength, balance, endurance, rhythmic activity and extended combinations.

Dance 223. Modern Dance III. (0-3) Cr. 1. F.S. Prereq: 222. Continued experience in dance techniques and extended combinations. Emphasis on maturation of skill and artistry. Exposure to a variety of modern dance technical styles.

Dance 224. Concert and Theatre Dance. (Cross-listed with Thtre). (0-3) Cr. 0.5-2. Repeatable. F.S. Prereq: By audition only. Choreography, rehearsal, and performance in campus dance concerts and/or musical theatre productions. Satisfactory-fail only.

Dance 232. Ballet II. (0-3) Cr. 1. Prereq: Previous ballet experience. Technical skills in the classical movement vocabulary. Emphasis on alignment, techniques, sequence development, and performing quality.

Dance 233. Ballet III. (0-3) Cr. 1. Prereq: 232. Concentration on technical proficiency at the intermediate level. Pointe work and partnering opportunities available.

Dance 242. Jazz II. (0-3) Cr. 1. Prereq: Previous jazz dance experience. Dance concepts within the jazz idiom. Instruction in extended movement sequences and artistic interpretation.

Dance 243. Jazz III. (0-3) Cr. 1. Prereq: 242. Integration of the concepts of jazz dynamics, phrasing, and skills into performance situations. Some repertory work of historical and contemporary pieces.

Dance 270. Dance Appreciation. (3-0) Cr. 3. F.S. Introduction to the many forms and functions of dance in world cultures. Develops abilities to distinguish and analyze various dance styles. No dance experience required.

Dance 320. Sound and Movement. (2-2) Cr. 3. S. Prereq: 220. Intermediate composition based on the relationship of movement to improvised sounds, rhythmic scores, and the musical works of composers from various periods.

Dance 360. History and Philosophy of Dance. (3-0) Cr. 3. Alt. S., offered 2008. Prereq: 270. Study of the history of dance from early to modern times with emphasis on the theories and philosophies of contemporary modern dance, dancers, and dance educators.

Dance 370. Advanced Studies in Dance. Cr. 1-3. Repeatable. F.S. Prereq: 2 credits in dance. Advance registration required. Designed to meet special interests and talents of students to include both group and independent study in various aspects of dance as a performing art including production, choreography, and performance.

Dance 384. Teaching Children's Dance. (1-3) Cr. 2. S. Content, experiences, and methods of a comprehensive dance program at the elementary school level. Theories and practice in guiding elementary school children in expressive movement experiences.

Dance 385. Methods of Teaching Dance. (1-3) Cr. 2. F. Methods and techniques of teaching social and world dance forms. Introduction to teaching educational modern dance.

Dance 386. Teaching Dance Technique and Composition. (1-3) Cr. 2. Prereq: 320. Teaching of dance as an expressive art form with emphasis on technique, rhythm, and the creative teaching process.

Dance 490. Independent Study. Cr. 1-3. Repeatable. Prereq: 6 credits in dance and permission of coordinator. Independent study of problems or areas of interest in dance.