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Counselor Education (Co Ed)

Graduate Courses |

Admissions for this program are suspended at this time.

Degrees Counselor Education offers work for the master of science and master of education degrees with a specialization in counselor education, and with the option of thesis or creative component. Courses are designed for cohort groups.

Emphasis The Counselor Education Program focuses on preparing educational leaders who work as counselors and/or consultants with clients in schools, communities, and/or businesses. The program prepares students for one of the following settings: elementary schools, secondary schools, or communities.

Prerequisites Prerequisite to major graduate work in educational leadership is completion of an undergraduate degree with coursework appropriate to the planned specialization, and evidence that the student ranks above average in scholastic achievement and promise of professional competence.

Learning Opportunities To become counselors who are educational leaders, Counselor Education master's students learn the art and science of counseling individuals, facilitating groups, and enhancing schools and communities. Opportunities are provided to engage students in an experiential curriculum, participate in relevant practical experiences in schools and communities, explore research related to their specializations, and present portfolios that summarize their cumulative learning.

Careers Graduates of the Master's Degree Program in Counselor Education are prepared for leadership roles as elementary or secondary school counselors and/or counselor consultants to individual clients, school districts, home schoolers, parochial and private schools, educational agencies, businesses, and communities.

Outcomes Graduates of the Master's Degree Program in Counselor Education will possess skills and knowledge for leadership, as well as skills as K-12 school counselors and counselor consultants. By the time of graduation, students will demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge to:

*Identify themselves as educational leaders who inspire their clients with vision, risk-taking, and energy.

*Possess the awareness, knowledge, sensitivity, and skills to function as high-level counselors, group facilitators, consultants, change agents

*Add value to the organizations with which they work.

*Be skilled in at least one area of specialization.

*Belong to relevant professional organizations.

*Adhere to ethical codes of the counseling profession.

*Be competent in the administration of ASCA's (American School Counselor Assoc.) National Standards for School Counselors in three core areas: personal/social, academic, and career development.

*Be skilled as talent developers.

Courses for graduate students

Co Ed 604. Group Counseling Practicum. Cr. 1. F.S.SS. Prereq: 591A, 591B, or 591C and permission of instructor. Supervised experience facilitating and processing groups.
A. Skill Training Lab
B. Counseling Group

Co Ed 615. Seminar. Cr. 1-2. Prereq: 9 hours in counselor education. Seminars are designed to meet various needs of advanced master's students and practicing counselors. Offered when demand warrants.
F. Group Intervention Strategies

Co Ed 690. Advanced Special Topics. Cr. arr. Repeatable. Prereq: 9 credits in counselor education.

Co Ed 699. Research. Cr. arr. Repeatable. Prereq: 9 credits in counselor education.