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Athletics (Ath)

See Health and Human Performance

Courses primarily for undergraduate students

Ath 101. Intercollegiate Athletics. Cr. 1. Repeatable. F.S. Prereq: Permission of head coach. Limited to 1 credit per year to a maximum of 4. Credit for a sport section of Ath 101 may not be applied toward graduation if credit is also received for Ex Sp 166 or any skill technique course in the same sport.
B. Basketball (men)
C. Basketball (women)
D. Cross Country (men)
E. Cross Country (women)
F. Football (men)
G. Golf (men)
J. Gymnastics (women)
K. Softball (women)
M. Swimming/Diving (women)
O. Tennis (women)
P. Track and Field (men)
Q. Track and Field (women)
R. Volleyball (women)
S. Wrestling (men)
T. Golf (women)
U. Soccer (women)