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American Indian Studies (Am In)

200 |300 |400 |

(Interdepartmental Undergraduate Minor)

Program Director: Sidner Larson

The American Indian Studies Program is a cross-disciplinary program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that emphasizes perspectives from American Indian Studies, anthropology, art, history, literature, political science and sociology. The primary goal of the American Indian Studies program is to conduct interdisciplinary investigations of the intellectual practices, lived history, values, political status, rights, and responsibilities of tribal nations. Students have the opportunity to learn about the cultural heritage of American Indians, their historical relationship with non-Indians, and their participation in contemporary American society. They analyze the tropes and techniques common to American Indian oral and written literatures; comparison/contrast of American Indian cultures to mainstream and other world cultures; and, articulation of the role American Indians are playing in approaches to modern social and environmental issues.

The courses in the American Indian Studies Program provide added background for students whose career interests may include multicultural education, human services, legal services, or public administration.

Within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, courses in American Indian studies can be used as electives, in a minor, or in an interdisciplinary studies major (for details, see Index, Interdisciplinary Studies). Students majoring in another college who wish to use these courses should consult with their advisers.

A minor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must include at least 15 credits of courses in the field. A minor in American Indian studies must include 210, two courses chosen from among the following: 310, 322, 332 and 346, and two additional courses chosen from the program courses listed below. The American Indian Studies Program Committee will, upon application by the student and review of the program, certify that the student has completed a minor in American Indian Studies.

Because course offerings vary from year to year, any student interested in a minor in American Indian Studies should contact the American Indian Studies office for advising. (See Index, LAS Cross-Disciplinary Programs.)

Courses open for nonmajor graduate credit: 346.

Courses primarily for undergraduate students

Am In 210. Introduction to American Indian Studies. (3-0) Cr. 3. F.S.SS. Introduction to the multidisciplinary aspects of American Indian studies. Topics include literature, the arts, history, anthropology, sociology, education, and contemporary Indian politics. Guest lectures, media presentations, and discussion of assigned readings.

Am In 240. Introduction to American Indian Literature. (Cross-listed with Engl). (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: Credit in or exemption from Engl 150. Appreciation of oral and written forms of American Indian literatures. Tropes and techniques in oral, visual and written texts. Focus on the role of American Indians in interdisciplinary approaches to modern social and environmental issues as expressed in literary works.

Am In 310. Topics in American Indian Studies. (3-0) Cr. 3. Repeatable. F.S. Issues within specific topical areas of American Indian society and culture, such as social work with Indian families, tribal government, and environmental policy.

Am In 315. Archaeology of North America. (Cross-listed with Anthr). (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereq: Anthr 202 or 308. Prehistory and early history of North America as reconstructed from archaeological evidence; peopling of the New World; culture-historical sequences of major culture areas; linkages of archaeological traditions with selected ethnohistorically known Native American groups.

Am In 322. Peoples and Cultures of Native North America. (Cross-listed with Anthr). (3-0) Cr. 3. F.SS. Prereq: Anthr 201 or Am In 210. Origin, distribution, and traditional life of native peoples of North America. Survey of culture areas; ecology and subsistence, language, kinship, life cycle, political, economic, and religious systems; impact of European contact.

Am In 323. Peoples and Cultures of Latin America. (Cross-listed with Anthr). (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereq: Anthr 201 or 306 recommended. Exploration of contemporary cultural dynamics of Latin America within specific historical, political and economic contexts; discussion of current anthropological approaches to studying key issues of race, ethnicity, class and gender in Latin America.

Am In 328. American Indian Religions. (Cross-listed with Relig). (3-0) Cr. 3. An introduction to the beliefs and rituals of Native American religious traditions, with attention to cultural and historical contexts and implications. Nonmajor graduate credit.

Am In 342. American Indian Women Writers. (Cross-listed with W S). (3-0) Cr. 3. Prereq: Engl 250. Literature of American Indian women writers which examines their social, political, and cultural roles in the United States. Exploration of American Indian women's literary, philosophical, and artistic works aimed at recovering elements of identity, redescribing stereotypes, resisting colonization, and constructing femininity. Nonmajor graduate credit.

Am In 346. American Indian Literature. (Cross-listed with Engl). (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereq: Engl 250. Survey of literature by Native Americans from pre-Columbian tales and songs to contemporary novels and poetry. Nonmajor graduate credit.

Am In 420. Cultural Continuity and Change on the Prairie-Plains. (Cross-listed with Anthr). (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: Anthr 315 or 322. Ecological adaptations, sociocultural changes, and continuities of traditions among Prairie and Plains Indian groups through time; impacts of Euro-American society and technology on Indians of the Great Plains; perspectives from ecology, archaeology, ethnology, history, and contemporary literary sources.

Am In 426. Topics in Native American Architecture. (Cross-listed with Dsn S, Arch). (3-0) Cr. 3. Repeatable. F.S. Prereq: Junior classification. History, theory, and principles of Native American/American Indian architecture, landscape architecture and planning considering relationships to the culture, visual arts, site, and surroundings. Credit counts toward fulfillment of Studies in Architecture and Culture requirements. A maximum of 6 credits of Arch 426 may be applied to degree program. Nonmajor graduate credit.

Am In 432. Current Issues in Native North America. (Cross-listed with Anthr). (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereq: Anthr 201 or 306; 322 or Am In 210 recommended. Conditions and issues of contemporary Native Americans; historical background of eighteenth and nineteenth century Indian-White relationships; examination of legal status, the reservation system, treaty violations, Indian militancy, education and urbanization, self-determination, social impact of resource development, and other current concerns.

Am In 490. Independent Study. Cr. arr. Repeatable. Prereq: 6 credits in American Indian studies; permission of instructor. Designed to meet the needs of students who wish to study in areas other than those in which courses are offered. No more than 9 credits in Am In 490 may be counted toward graduation.