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Registration Responsibilities

The registration process includes advising, enrollment in courses, and schedule changes. This process involves the student, the student's adviser, and the student services staff of the student's college, and in some cases, the dean of the college. Each is responsible for knowing and following the academic policies and procedures.

The student is responsible for knowing and adhering to university policies and procedures that apply to registration and schedule changes; checking the accuracy of his/her schedule on AccessPlus, including schedule adjustments (i.e., adds, drops, section changes); knowing the degree requirements of his or her major and/or curriculum; planning course schedules to meet those requirements; and monitoring the accuracy of the degree audit.

The adviser is responsible for consulting with advisees during the advising/registration period; providing information about student's major and curriculum requirements; providing guidance in the student's course selection; assisting in monitoring the degree audit for accuracy; and for notifying the college student services office with corrections to the degree audit.

The college student services staff is responsible for assisting new and reentering students with the registration process; resolving unusual scheduling problems; and updating the degree audit or solving problems concerning the degree audit.

The dean is responsible for making decisions with respect to requests for deviations from university policies, deadlines, etc. Students and staff should check with the college office to find out who is authorized to grant approvals or exceptions on behalf of the dean.