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Registration Dates and Deadlines

Dates for registration are published in the university calendar on the Web at www.iastate. edu/~registrar/ the ISU Directory, and departmental bulletin boards.

Students are assigned a registration start date and time, which is the first day and time they can use the registration system. Registration start dates are assigned based on projected year in school classifi cation (computed by combining total credits, current term credits, and current term test out credits). Then specifi c start dates within projected year in school are established by using the sum of total credits and current term test out credits.

Students may choose to delay their registration until a later date, but courses will begin to fill on the first day of registration and any delay may reduce their course selection options. A list of start dates by classification is available at Continuing students register for the following term during the middle of the current term. For example, registration for spring term begins the middle of fall term; registration for summer session is completed during the previous spring at the same time as registration for fall semester.

A late registration fee is assessed for registration initiated on or after the first day of classes for fall and spring terms. This fee is not charged for the summer term. If registration is not completed by the end of the fifth day of classes, students must obtain written permission from their advisers, the instructors for the courses they plan to take, as well as approval from the dean of the college in which they are registered. During the summer session, these approvals must be obtained in order to register after the third day of classes.

Registration is closed after the tenth day of classes for fall and spring semesters, and after the fifth day of classes for summer session. Students may not enroll in courses with time conflicts without the approval of the instructors concerned.

Students who participate in off-campus experiences for which they receive Iowa State University credit must register for that credit during the term when the experience is taking place, whether or not they are taking courses on campus during that time.