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General course information

Course Designators

A E Agricultural Engineering

A Ecl Animal Ecology

Acct Accounting

Advrt Advertising

Aer E Aerospace Engineering

Af Am African American Studies

AFAS Air Force Aerospace Studies

AgEds Agricultural Education and Studies

Agron Agronomy

Am In American Indian Studies

An S Animal Science

Anthr Anthropology

Arch Architecture

Art Art and Design

Art H Art History

ArtEd Art Education

ArtGr Art: Graphic Design

ArtID Art: Interior Design

ArtIS Integrated Studio Arts

AST Agricultural Systems Technology after Spring 2006, see Technology Systems Management (TSM)

Astro Astronomy and Astrophysics

Ath Athletics

B M S Biomedical Sciences

BBMB Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology

BCB Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Biol Biology

Bot Botany

BPM I Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration

BRT Biorenewable Resources and Technology

BusAd Business Administration

C E Civil Engineering

C I Curriculum Instruction

C R P Community and Regional Planning

Ch E Chemical Engineering

CAS Complex Adaptive Systems

Chem Chemistry

Chin Chinese

CJ St Criminal Justice Studies

Cl St Classical Studies

CmDis Communication Disorders

Co Ed Counselor Education

Com S Computer Science

ComSt Communication Studies

Con E Construction Engineering

Cpr E Computer Engineering

Czech Czech

Dance Dance

Dsn S Design Studies

E E Electrical Engineering

E M Engineering Mechanics

Econ Economics

EdAdm Educational Administration

EEB Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

EEOB Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology

EL PS Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

EnCom Enterprise Computing

Engl English

Engr Engineering

EnSci Environmental Science

Ent Entomology

Entst Entrepreneurial Studies

Env S Environmental Studies

Ex Sp Exercise and Sport Science

FFP Family Financial Planning

F Lng Foreign Languages and Literatures

FCEdS Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies

FCS Family and Consumer Sciences - MFCS

Fin Finance

For Forestry

Frnch French

FS HN Food Science and Human Nutrition

GDCB Genetics, Development and Cell Biology

Gen Genetics

Genet Genetics—Interdisciplinary

Geol Geology

Ger German

Geron Gerontology

Gr St Graduate Studies

Greek Greek

H C I Human Computer Interaction

H P C Historical, Philosophical, and Comparative Studies in Education

H S Health Studies

HD FS Human Development and Family Studies

Hg Ed Higher Education

HHP Health and Human Performance

Hist History

Hon Honors

Hort Horticulture

HRI Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management

I E Industrial Engineering

I Tec Industrial Technology after Spring 2006, see Technology Systems Management (TSM)

Ia LL Iowa Lakeside Laboratory

Idis Interdisciplinary Studies

IGS Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies

Imbio Immunobiology

InfAs Information Assurance

intag International Agriculture

intbus International Business

IntSt International Studies

Ital Italian

Jl MC Journalism and Mass Communication

L A Landscape Architecture

LAS Liberal Arts and Sciences Cross-Disciplinary Studies

Latin Latin

Lib Library

Ling Linguistics

LSCM Logistics and Supply Chain Management

M E Mechanical Engineering

M S Military Science & Military Studies

M S E Materials Science and Engineering

Mat E Materials Engineering

Math Mathematics

MCDB Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Mfcs Master of Family & Consumer Sciences (MFCS)

Mgmt Management

Micro Microbiology

MIS Management Information Systems

Mkt Marketing

Mteor Meteorology

Music Music

NREM Natural Resource Ecology and Management

N S Naval Science

Neuro Neuroscience

Offed Officer Education Programs

OLHRD Organizational Learning and Human Resource Development

OSCM Operations and Supply Chain Management

P M Pest Management

P Phy Plant Physiology

Perf Performing Arts

Phil Philosophy

Phys Physics

Pl P Plant Pathology

Pol S Political Science

Port Portuguese

preprof Preprofessional Study

profag Professional Agriculture

Psych Psychology

Polsh Polish

Relig Religious Studies

ResEv Research and Evaluation

Rus Russian

S E Systems Engineering

Serbc Serbo-Croation

Soc Sociology

Sp Cm Speech Communication

Sp Ed Special Education

SCM Supply Chain Management

Span Spanish

Stat Statistics

SusAg Sustainable Agriculture

T C Textiles and Clothing

T SC Technology and Social Change

teached Teacher Education

Thtre Theatre

Tox Toxicology

Trans Transportation

TSM Technology Systems Management (Fall 2006, replaces I Tec and AST)

U St University Studies

V C S Veterinary Clinical Sciences

V MPM Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine

V Pth Veterinary Pathology

VDPAM Veterinary Diagnostic andProduction Animal Medicine

W S Women’s Studies

Zool Zoology