My immediate family consists of my mom, Sherry, my dad, Don, and my brother, Connor, who is currently a Junior at Pleasantville High School. My dad has two brothers, Larry and Randy, and one sister, Connie. My mom has two sisters, Michelle and Marsha, and one brother, Mark. I have 10 cousins (from oldest to youngest): Damian, Blake, Tim (who passed away in a car accident), Troy, Nathaniel, Cole, Natalie, Zach, Kelsey, and Carson.

My family is really close and we love to spend time together. Some of my favorite memories with my family are family vacations every summer, farming with my dad, shopping with my mom, watching my brother play football, showing at the county fair with my brother, family Christmases at everyones houses, family birthdays, and pretty much just anytime we get to spend together.

My family is a big part of my life and they have made me who I am today!<3