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August 25
"The skill"
White, Nancy.  1980.  "Nancy White."  Pp. 143-156 in Drylongso: A Self-Portrait of Black America.  New York: Random House.
August 27
Marx, Karl.  "Alienated Labor" and "Manifesto of the Communist Party" (with Friedrich Engels).  Pp. 12-19 (2nd: 6-13) and 26-33 (2nd: 16-23) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
September 1
Marx, Karl.  "Commodities" and "The General Formula for Capital."  Pp. 34-40 (2nd: 24-31) and 41-45 (32-37) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
September 3
Team 305
Durkheim, Emile.  "What is a Social Fact?" and "Primitive Classification" (with Marcel Mauss).  Pp. 51-56 (2nd: 43-48) and 64-67 (2nd: 56-59) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
September 8
Durkheim, Emile.  "On Mechanical and Organic Solidarity" and "The Human Meaning of Religion."  Pp. 46-50 (2nd: 38-42) and 68-75 (2nd: 60-67) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
September 10
Weber, Max.  1978 (1922).  "The Nature of Social Action."  Pp. 11-12, 16-21, 23-32 in Max Weber: Selections in Translation, edited by W. G. Runciman.  New York, NY: Cambridge U. Press.  And "Class, Status, Party."  Pp. 102-107 (2nd: 95-100) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
September 15
Weber, Max.  "The Nature of Charismatic Domination" and "The Spirit of Capitalism."  Pp. 95-101 (2nd: 88-94) and 82-88 (2nd: 74-81) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
September 17
Group 5

Simmel, Georg.  1971 (1908).  "How is Society Possible?"  Pp. 9-18 in On Individuality and Social forms: Selected Writings, edited by Donald N. Levine.  Chicago, IL: U. of Chicago Press.  And "The Problem of Sociology."  Pp. 114-120 (2nd: 107-113) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
September 22
Team 305
Simmel, Georg.  "Fashion" and "Conflict as the Basis of Group Formation."  Pp. 108-113 (2nd: 101-106) and 121-125 (2nd: 114-118) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
September 24
Group 5
Merton, Robert K.  "The Unanticipated Consequences of Social Action."  Pp. 186-193 (2nd: 180-187) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.  And: 1938.  "Social Structure and Anomie."  American Sociological Review 3:672-682 (on e-reserve at Parks Library).
September 29
Parsons, Talcott.  "The Functional Prerequisites of Social Systems."  And Coser, Louis.  "The Functions of Social Conflict."  Pp. 194-199 (2nd: 188-193) and 214-217 (2nd: 208-211) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
October 1
Dahrendorf, Ralf.  "Conflict Groups and Group Conflicts."  And Bourdieu, Pierre.  "Structures and the Habitus."  Pp. 224-231 (2nd: 218-226) and 435-442 (2nd: 440-447) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
October 1

Position paper due at midnight.
October 6
Homans, George C.  "Social Behavior as Exchange."  And Blau, Peter.  "Formulation of Exchange Theory."  Pp. 294-303 (2nd: 295-304) and 340-346 (2nd: 334-341) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
October 8
Rational Choice
Coleman, James C.  "Human Capital and Social Capital."  And Hechter, Michael.  "The Emergence of Cooperative Social Institutions."  Pp. 316-323 (2nd: 317-324) and 324-332 (2nd: 325-333) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
October 13
Pragmatism and
Symbolic Interactionism
Group 5
Mead, George Herbert.  "The Fusion of the 'I' and the 'Me' in Social Activities."  Pp. 180-184 (2nd: 146-150) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.  And Blumer, Herbert.  1947.  “Sociological Theory in Industrial Relations.” American Sociological Review 12:271-278 (on e-reserve at Parks Library).
October 15

No class!!!  Term paper outline due at midnight.
October 18-22 Student-instructor meetings
October 20
Elias, Norbert.  "Shame and Repugnance."  And Goffman, Erving.  "Performances."  Pp. 414-419 (2nd: 434-439) and 253-258 (2nd: 248-253) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
October 22
Marcuse, Herbert.  1964.  Pp. 14-18, 250-257 in One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society.  Boston, MA: Beacon Press.  And Adorno, Theodor.  1991.  "The Schema of Mass Culture."  Pp. 54-55, 60-61, 70-75, 77-83 in The Culture Industry: Selected Essays on Mass Culture.  London, UK: Routledge.
October 27
Giddens, Anthony. "The Reflexivity of Modernity."  And Beck, Ulrich.  "Risk Society: Towards a New Modernity."  Pp. 423-427 (or, since not in 2nd edition: on e-reserve at Parks Library) and 428-434 (2nd: 462-468) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
October 29
Bauman, Zygmunt.  "Post-modernity, or Living with Ambivalence."  Pp. 456-462 (2nd: 417-423) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.  And Baudrillard, Jean.  1993.  "The Precession of Simulacra."  Pp. 342-347, 351-353 in A Postmodern Reader, edited by Joseph Natoli and Linda Hutcheon.  Albany, NY: State U. of New York Press.
November 3
Team 305
Friedan, Betty.  1963.  Pp. 31-32, 42-43, 76-79, and 290-291 in The Feminine Mystique.  New York, NY: Norton.  And Smith, Dorothy E.  "Sociology from Women’s Experience: A Reaffirmation."  Pp. 373-383 (2nd: 373-383) in Kivisto.
November 5
Ridgeway, Cecilia L.  1973.  "Gender, Status, and the Social Psychology of Expectations."  Pp. 175-197 in Theory On Gender/Feminism on Theory, edited by Paula England.  New York, NY: Aldine de Gruyter.
November 5 Bibliography due at midnight.
November 10
Du Bois, W. E. B.  "The Conservation of Races."  And Collins, Patricia Hill.  "Toward an Afrocentric Feminist Epistemology."  Pp. 143-147 (2nd: 157-161) and 363-372 (2nd: 350-359) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
November 12
Hall, Stuart.  1980.  "Race, Articulation, and Societies Structured in Dominance."  Pp. 337-345 in Sociological Theories: Race and Colonialism.  Paris, France: UNESCO.
November 17
Group 5
Butler, Judith.  "Subversive Bodily Acts."  Pp. 355-362 (2nd: 342-349) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.  And Jagose, Annamarie Rustom.  1996.  "Queer."  Pp. 72-83 in Queer Theory: An Introduction.  New York, NY: New York U. Press.
November 19

No class!!!  Have a great Thanksgiving.
December 1
You classify these.
Hempel, Carl G.  1959.  "Explanation and Laws."  Pp. 344-356 in Theories of History, edited by Patrick Gardiner.  New York, NY: Free Press.  And Mills, C. Wright.  "Culture and Politics."  Pp. 218-223 (2nd: 212-217) in Kivisto, 3rd edition.
December 3
Neostructuralism and Communicative Action
Team 305
Foucault, Michael.  Pp. 15, 17-18, 37-45 in Power.  New York, NY: New Press.  And Habermas, Jürgen.  1979.  Pp. 59-60, 65-68 in Communication and the Evolution of Society.  Boston, MA: Beacon.
December 8
Social Constructionism
Derek Edwards, Malcolm Ashmore, and Jonathan Potter.  1995.  "Death and Furniture: The Rhetoric, Politics and Theology of Bottom Line Arguments Against Relativism."  History of the Human Sciences 8:25-49.
December 10
Carroll, Lewis.  "Advice from a Caterpillar."  Pp. 28-34 in The Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll, edited by Edward Guiliano.  New York, NY: Avenel Books, 1982.
December 10 Term paper due at midnight via e-mail.
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