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Final Grade

How grades are calculated depends on whether the class votes for or against an attendance policy.  In brief, grades will be obtained in one of the following manners:
Term paper 30%
Term paper 35%
Notes 30%   Notes 30%
Position paper 10%
Position paper 15%
Presentations 10%
Presentations 10%
1-minute syntheses 10%
1-minute syntheses 10%
Attendance 10%

Note that half of your grade is based on your preparation for and participation during class.  Class preparation calls for your on-time preparation of notes on our readings, and requires your active input.  (See below section on "Percent input into group assignments.")  Class participation refers not only to your in-class presentations and your attendance, but also to your contributions to class discussions.  The other half is based on a 3+ page position paper in which you synthesize the theoretical position taken by a single theorist or school of theorists, and a 10+ page term paper in which you contrast at least two contemporary theorists from different schools of thought.  For more information on the contents of these papers, return to the class homepage and follow the "Paperspage" link.

No credit will be given for assignments handed in late.  For example (as mentioned on the homepage), all teams should submit their notes by e-mail no later than 5:00 p.m. on the evening prior to each class.  Other important due dates are for your position paper, your term paper, and for an outline and a bibliography for your term paper.  All 5 types of written assgnments should be sent by e-mail to as a Microsoft Word document.  The following is a list of due dates:

Notes 5:00 p.m. of the day before each class
Position paper 5:00 p.m. on February 19, 2010
Outline for term paper 5:00 p.m. on March 5, 2010
Bibliography for term paper 5:00 p.m. on April 2, 2010
Term paper 5:00 p.m. on April 30, 2010


Percent input into group assignments

Every set of notes must clearly indicate the percentage of "work done" by each team member.  Team members "work done" (or "input") has nothing to do with the brilliance of their ideas, but rather with their effort into the notes content.  That is, the ideas conveyed in your notes should be the product of discussions among all members of your team.  (Thus, for example, if two team members spend an hour working on the notes for a class, only to have their ideas brilliantly replaced in five minutes by a tardy team member, the tardy students input should be listed as around ten percent.  This should be done even if the only ideas to appear in the notes are those of the tardy student!  On the other hand, if one team members "input" consists of typing or of silently listening [but not contributing] to other team members ideas, the team members percentage input should be listed as zero. This should be done even if the typing took twice as long as it took the other members to jot down their ideas!)

To receive full credit for class notes, a team members input must be at least 20% (30% in 3-member teams).  If less than this, credit will be reduced to that fraction of the teams grade that the members input was of the required percentage.  (For example, if a 3-person team’s member only contributed 10% of the input, his/her grade will be one-third of the teams grade for the assignment/report.)  Please be aware that team membership is a privilege:  If it is not working, a team may lose a member or be disbanded altogether.  If your team is not working out, it is your responsibility to communicate this to the instructor.  Reporting team members’ low percentage input on assignments is one way of communicating this; another is to mention it directly.  If you are being exploited by one or more team members, you are strongly encouraged to take action (in either or both of these ways).  Your instructor is powerless to stop exploitation when no one tells him.  Finally, please communicate team-related problems as early as possible in the semester (i.e., when there is still time to do something about them).

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