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Lab assignments/Exam solutions
Lab grades

The lab assistant:

Trang Le
Office: 3414 Snedecor Hall
Office hours: Monday noon-1 p.m. & Thursday 11a.m.-noon
Telephone: 294-8196

How lab grades are calculated:

There will be a total of 12 lab (or homework) assignments during the semester.  The assignments are graded on a scale from zero to 25 points.  On every Tuesday a new lab assignment will be posted at the "Lab assignments/Exam solutions" web page (via the middle link above).  Each lab assignment is due during the second lab period after which it was posted.  If handed in late, a lab assignment's grade will be docked 5 points (i.e., 20%).  If handed in after the lab assignment's solution has been posted (in the glass case outside 3105 Snedecor Hall after class on the Wednesday following its due date), the assignment will be graded as zero.  Please note that it is the lab assistant who makes final decisions regarding grades on lab assignments.

At the end of the semester, points on the highest 11 labs will be summed to yield a lab grade ranging from 0% (zero points) to 100% (275 points).   If you follow the "Lab grades" link above you will find the class's most recent lab scores plus a lab grade that "assumes" perfect scores on all remaining labs.  Please check these grades periodically with your records to ensure that discrepancies with your records are not left until the end of the semester.

Lab periods:
Lab periods are workshops for solving homework problems that are due either that day or during the next lab period.  Be sure that you only have minor questions about the lab assignment that is due at the end of the lab period.  Major questions about lab problems should be resolved prior to the lab's due date (either in class, during office hours, or via discussions within your study group).  Be forewarned: Some labs require more time than others, and will not be able to be completed in a 2-hour lab period.  So be sure to start working on your labs soon after they are assigned.

Once you have given your completed lab assignment to the lab assistant, and have gained a basic understanding of how to approach the newly assigned homework problems, please do NOT pack up your things and go home.  Instead, please take whatever time is needed to help your classmates understand the problems you have mastered.  It should go without saying that this help does not involve letting others copy your answers.  Instead, your help will make it possible for the instructor and lab assistant to spend our time helping those who are most confused.  Without students' assisting each other, the lab period simply does not afford enough time for all questions to be answered.

If we fall behind in the lectures, the first hour of a lab period may be devoted to discussing course material.  This will be the exception not the rule, however.

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