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Exam grades
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How grades are calculated:

Your labs (i.e., homework) count for 25%, and the final exam counts for 35% of your grade.  The other 40% of your grade will depend upon your performance on two exams, given during lab periods on September 27th and November 1st.  Grades for the course will be given with +'s and -'s, not in whole letter grades.
Materials allowed during exams:
Exams will be closed book.  During the first exam you may have one 8½"x 11" sheet of paper with formulas written on it; during the second exam you may have two such sheets; during the final you may have three.
In addition to your formula sheets, be sure to have the following:
  • pencils, eraser, and (fully charged) calculator
  • the formula sheet distributed by the instructor in class
  • the "Checklist for Statistics Problems" provided by your instrutor
  • the 10 pages of tables (Tables A through E) provided by your instrutor
  • a bilingual dictionary (for students whose native language is not English)
  • special accommodations for handicapped students (arranged on an ad hoc basis)
  • Cooperative learning:
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