My name is Carla Martínez Quezada and I´m from the city of Curicó, Chile.

I graduated as an English Teacher and Bachelor of Education in Valparaíso, Chile in 2008.

I had the opportunity to teach elementary, high-school and adult learners in both schools and EFL programs while I was living in Chile.

I'm currently living in the city of Ames in the state of Iowa and I´m enrolled in ENG 510 course at Iowa State University, which is a challenge to me because the use of technology was never one of the main areas of study in my program.

I'm looking forward to taking more classes in the TESL/Applied Linguistics Master's Program in 2012.

Languages have always interested me and, therefore, learning creative ways to teach English, in this case, is one of my main goals.

I would like to learn more languages in the future, hopefully that would help me to know my own language in a better way and to experience other cultures.

Random facts about me...

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