Carl Chapman's Student Page

I am a software engineering student at Iowa State University.
I made this page when I was first exploring the idea of an 'online resume'
but ISU does not provide php, so I could not make a forum where people
could interact, so I paid webhostingpad and started working on this page:

When it comes to creating something, I value finding the minimal form
that can be considered complete and making that as perfect as possible.
In that way, I find that writing software is a lot like writing music.

Here I am painting bean sprouts.
An image of Carl painting.

Here is an optical illusion.

This is an animation I made experimenting with Java.
It's supposed to be some atoms flying around. I am interested
in scientific computing. This simulation uses equations that
describe elastic collisions. Soon it will be a more complex
applet that has buttons so that you can set the number of atoms...

This program does not terminate so if you're short on memory...
You probably shouldn't keep this window open while you do other stuff.