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John Crim 1825-1914


John Crim, an old and honored citizen of Dodge town-ship, Boone Co., died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. P. A. Mathre, of Stanhope, Iowa. He was born in Vir-ginia October 2nd, 1825, died May 9th, 1914, age 88 years, 7 months and 7 days. He with his parents moved to Ohio when a small boy where he grew to manhood. He was married to Salina Kail in 1847, who preceded him to the great beyond in the year 1893. To this union were born nine children, eight of whom are living. The funeral was held at Mineral Ridge at the M. E. church of which he has been a faithful member. He was a good friend and neighbor, and a kind and loving father. Rev. Knoer of the M. E. church of Stanhope delivered a beau-tiful sermon from the ninth chapter and twenty fifth verse of Hebrews.
Sooner or later all will reach the same destina-tion and be with our Lord and Savior in the great beyond. The mound in the Ridgeport cemetery marks the resting place of the loved one but--memory dear will hold him in the hearts of his children and friends.
Mr. Crim came to this part of the country and settled here when there were no houses in view but his own log cabin, and lived to see the wild expanse transformed into the splendid prospects that greet our eyes today. He was a pioneer of pioneers whose ranks are nearly extinct. The sympathy of the friends extend to the
 relatives in the taking away of their loved one.


Salina Kail Crim


Mrs. Salina Kail Crim, wife of Mr. John Crim, of Dodge [twp.] was born in Carroll county, Ohio, November 24, 1828, and died at her home, December 12, 1893. She was married in her native state to Mr. Crim, November 1 l, 1847 and came with him to Iowa in 1854. For one year they made their home in Polk county, one mile below Madrid, but in the spring of 1855 they entered the quarter section on which they have lived happily together for nearly forty years, rearing a very worthy family of boys and girls to whose welfare the mother devoted her entire life and energies. After a decline of nearly three years, a more serious form of consumption developed about four months ago. Since this time she has failed rapidly, the disease being accompanied with very great and continual pain. All her children were able to visit her at times during her last illness. Besides the husband she leaves nine children: Charles W., Mrs. Margaret A. and Mrs. Vir-ginia Richardson, Albert, Sophia I. Faubion, Etta Hanson, John Belden, Carrie Condon and Dora M., the youngest. All were able to be at the funeral, which occurred Sunday, at-tended by Rev. Lewis Doran. Burial was in the Mineral Ridge cemetery.
For these many years Mrs. Crim has been a member of the M. E. church, a most devoted wife and mother, a good neighbor, a wise housekeeper, bringing up a large family of sons and daughters, all of whom have started on a career of honorable usefulness. She passed away in the full possession of her mental faculties and longed to be released from this painful body to go to her home in the heavenly mansions.

Anders S. Mathre 


 Anders S. Mathre was born at Mathre, Norway, Dec. 6, 1832, and died at his home in Story City on Feb. 6, 1916, being thus two months over 82 years of age.
 He came to America in 1847, settling in Illinois.  He was married in 1854 to Ingeborg Thompson.  To this union were born 11 children, four of whom preceded the parents to the better land.  Mrs. Mathre died in the year 1900 at Lisbon, Ill.
 Mr. Mathre moved to Story city in 1901, and lived here until death came.  He was greatly loved by a large circle of friends and relatives.  Simple hearted, kind and generous, he left an example which will have its effect on generations to come.
 Anders Mathre had always been actively identified with the church, and he said himself that he could not remember the time that he did not love God.  His faith in God influenced his whole life.  The things of this world appeared of small significance to him in the light of eternity.
 An incident which shows his childlike faith in his fellowmen has been recited.  A tramp came to his door one day asking for aid.  Mr. Mathre, as was his custom, was ready at once to give him the price of a meal.  Finding that he had no change smaller than a dollar he told the tramp that if he would go down town and change the dollar he could have a quarter out of it.  The tramp was willing to do this.  After the tramp had gone away with the dollar, Mr Mathre’s daughter said to him: “You don’t suppose you will ever see that man or the dollar again, do you?”  “Why yes; why not?” was the almost surprised reply.  And sure enough, within fifteen minutes Mr. Trap came back with the change and was duly handed his quarter!  After all, simple hearted folks probably do not get cheated half as much or as often as many of the so-called “smart folks” do.
 The funeral services were held in the Immanuel church, the sermon being preached by Rev. Heimarck, who also accompanied the remains to Lisbon, Ill., where they were laid beside the wife in the Lisbon Cemetery.  Others who went to Illinois were: Mrs. E. P. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hove and Mr. Peter Hove.
 The deceased is survived by the following children:  Mrs. E. P. Anderson, Mrs. L. W. Wicks of Helmar, Ill., Mrs. B. J. Crim [sic] of Stratford, Mrs. Chas. Hove of Jewell, Miss Lizzie Mathre of this place.  Peter A. Mathre of Ames and Halbert Mathre of Nelson, Neb.
 The daughter, Lizzie, has kept house for her father the past few years.

Ingeborg Thompson 
Mathre 1834-1900
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Anders Mathre Family
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Standing: Severt and Helen.  Seated: Anders, Peter, Betsy, (Bess) Julia, Elizabeth (Liz),  Ingeborg, Minnie

Anders Mathre Family Register
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John Crim was born in Loudon  County, Virginia, October 2, 1825.  He moved with his parents to Carroll County, Ohio. He married Salina Kail November 11, 1847, in Ohio.  They came to Boone County in 1855.  They bought a farm near Mineral Ridge (Ridgeport), and built a log cabin. Salina Crim died December 12, 1893, and John Crim died May 9,1914. They are buried in the Mineral Ridge cemetery.
Anders S. Mathre (aka Andrew S. Larson in Norway) was born December 6, 1832 in Ytre Matre, Skanevik, Norway.  He came to America in 1847.  He married Ingeborg (aka Isaball) Thompson on April 12, 1854. She was born May 29, 1837 in Flesjo, Skanevik, Norway.    They farmed near Nettle Creek in Grundy County, Illinois.  Ingeborg did some practical nursing, often caring for new mothers and their babies.  Ingeborg died September 28, 1900, in Lisbon , Illinois.  After he was widowed, Anders moved to Story City, since his children were living in the area.  He died in Story City on February 6, 1916.  They are buried in the Lisbon cemetery in Illinois.

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